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Winter has come to the Pridelands.

By dapumakat
In my part of the country it does not snow that often and rarely goes below freezing. I took the opportunity to go out and have some fun in the snow. This plush lion is made by Hansa Toys. It is about life size supposedly and can support someone of up to 300 lbs. I call him Aslan which is the Turkish word for lion, and also the name of the Lion character from the Narnia series.


Check out my gallery to see more interesting and unique plushies. Consider adding me to your watch list. I add new stuff all the time.
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Shayla-Estate's avatar
His face is gorgeous!
Spiritheart19's avatar
Love how you picked the name! as soon as i saw him without reading i thought of Aslan
Jayfeatherslover123's avatar
1. Where do you buy those? 2. Where do you live? 3. Watch out, or I'll take it! X3
BlueWingsWolf's avatar
Goodness he reminds me of the Aslan from the older Narnia movies :P like he could come to life any moment now
WhittyKitty's avatar
Oh wow I know this plush!! I've admired it for years :) Lovely lovely!
AlixRae's avatar
So incredibly jealous! Can't wait until I have the time/money/space to really take my collection to the next level! Awesome plush and awesome pic! :)
dapumakat's avatar
Thank you :) The space thing is the worst. I have always had a large collection but it was not until I bought my own house that I could really expand my collection.
AlixRae's avatar
Haha yes that is definitely my biggest limitation right now. Most of mine are in storage for the moment, and I can't have too many big ones. I guess I'll just live vicariously through awesome collectors like you!
dapumakat's avatar
Thank you for your compliment :) I just went and checked out your gallery. You have a nice collection yourself. Hopefully you can get a bigger place and get your others out of storage soon so you can enjoy them. I look forward to seeing more of your photos. Hmmm. vicariously, that is a word that you do not see used everyday. I like it :)
Laurel-Lion's avatar
the Chapters Store in my town has it on display in the kid's section! One day I'll have it too!!! :P
dapumakat's avatar
You gonna go and try talking Chapters out of their lion? hehe
Laurel-Lion's avatar
lol haha no they sell it for like 1000$!!! But one day, when I get a real job :p I'll start searching for one :P
dapumakat's avatar
I didn't realize they were selling them. That is cool. Now I am going to have to go and see if my local Chapters sells plush too. Thanks:) Does your sells other plush too besides the big Hansa lion?

I thought maybe they just had it as a display piece to get people's attention. About seven years ago the Royal Bank in my area had one of the Douglas lions similar to the one linked to below, on display as part of a promotional display in the bank branch trying to get kids to open savings accounts:


I used to work for a store at the time and went to that Royal Bank sometimes to do the deposits. I asked them a few times about it. Then finally one day I was talking to the manager and she told me they were probably just going to put it in the garbage when they were done with it. I asked if I could have it and she took my phone number and told me I could probably have it. About a week later I went in there and the manager saw me and came out of her glass office thing with it and gave it to me. I thought that was really nice of them. It is unfortunate that a lot of nice plush that are used as displays are just tossed. I am lucky they gave him too me. He was not in perfect condition because customers had been sometimes been touching him et cetera for a couple of months, but he was still in really nice shape.
Laurel-Lion's avatar
well the plush is for display only I think and it's on a huge shelf, but at first it was on the ground and I a saw a thing with 1000$ on it. I should ask them for it :P At least I would've tried lol.

And I think Chapters might sell a few plushes, but not many and mostly for young kids :/
dapumakat's avatar
I think around $1000 sounds about right for the price. "Not a cheap kitty" So it sounds to me like they are probably selling it. But you never know... It is kind of funny that they would just have one of those and no others. I mean selling one plush for $1000, when they don't really sell toys. N'or are they a place people think of going for toys.

On another topic, is the new Lion King blu-ray cover in Québec bilingual or just in french? Over here is English Canada the cover is only in English with "version francais inclusé" usually written on the cover. Is this how they normally do it in Quebec, or do they do it the other way around?

I have the old Lion King VHS taps from Québec that are in French, and everything on the covers is also in French. Mind you it is not like VHS has the ability to support multi language voice tracks so it makes sense those are all in notre deuxieme langue oficielle.
Laurel-Lion's avatar
Hum I'm not sure about that. I had the dvd before the new release so I didn't really pay attention to it. I'll try to look it up later :P
Laurel-Lion's avatar
sorry for my lateness. here's a link of the dvd cover for the re-release Lion King
So it's more or less half French/English lol And I does say it includes the French version.
WickedSenses's avatar
Wow :O That's a good picture and that lion is awesome! I totally want one now :3
dapumakat's avatar
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