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The Lion King - Simba growing up in plush

By dapumakat
This is Simba from Disney's The Lion King growing up illustrated through plush toys made by Douglas Cuddle Toys. The largest one is over five feet tall and weighs more then 100lbs, the biggest adult Simba plush laying one on the floor is almost five feet long. All of these plush are quite rare.

OTHER LION KING PLUSH BY DOUGLAS IN MY COLLECTIONCheck out my gallery for more interesting and unique Lion King plush! I add new stuff all the time.
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Oh Simba just can't wait to be king...🎵🎶🎹🎸🎤📻🎥🎬📺📽🦁🐒🐃🐗🐘🐀🐍🐊
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"I'm gonna be a mighty king..."
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Wow so many simbas. The big one is cute😊
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Amazing :D KEep away from the Fireplace though :D 
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how much money did that cost?
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You have some nice pets here! I'm into Lions but I don't have a Simba,I do have a small size Nala though.
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Hi, great collection,
I also am the owner of one of these large, 5ft sitting Douglas Simbas that were made for Simbas Pride, Lion King II.
Have been in touch with Douglas Co. Inc. and apparently they only made 12 to 14 of these pieces.
I am thinking of selling mine, any advice on what he is worth and the best place to sell him would be?
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Hey! I saw your comment on another's picture and I couldn't help but ask! Do you have any information on these 5ft sitting Simbas? I have one, but I'm getting various pieces of information about them.
I heard there were only 50 made for Adsa stores UK, but others have told me only 4 were made for the Disney store! I've seen a good 4 on ebay so far (including my own), but their backstories are impossible to trace XD
I got mine for around £260, perfect condition, but others are selling them for £600.
Any info would be appreciated :D 
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A little green with envy here! ;-) Hoping to add these sweethearts to my collection one day too. Recently I purchased a Douglas Simba cub pajama bag. Also quite a rare find I found out. Unfortunately the seller held some kind of grudge, and cut out the Douglas tag before sending it to me. Very sad, but true collectors will recognise him even without a tag. ^^ I haven't added his picture to my website yet, but I will soon. :-)
Congrats on your very pretty collection!

Claudia (a fellow collector from the Netherlands.)
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The Simba on the far right is my fav. In this pic
dang, you would need a forklift for that really bog simba.!
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Hello, I am writing from the U.S. Are you willing to sell the 5 foot adult Simba? If so, How much would you charge in U.S dollars? Thanks for your time - Darian
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Wow where did you get them?!
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DO YOU KNOW HOW BAD I WANTS THESE!!! :D lol :XD: i love lion king plush i can NOT believe my mom gave mine away >:(
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That is really to bad. Sometimes parents do silly things, without understanding that they are important to you. Hopefully you can find the ones like the ones you lost again. Did you have any of the Douglas ones before?
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Yea i had a cub Simba and Timon
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i love that slightly taller young simba, is that hard to get?
What a wounderful picture.
Are there tow different versions from Simba cup?
I hope, one time, I will have all Douglas Lion King plush toys. Some I have already.:-)
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o crap thats a big lion toy
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you know what you should get to finish your collection? a simba backpack!
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