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Mattel Talking baby Simba

Disney's - The Lion King
Mattel - Talking baby Simba plush
UPC: 074299115400
Model# 11540

This plush Simba was sold back in 1994-1995 when the Lion King was first released. You can pat his head, hug him, squeeze his paw or his tail and he will talk to you. This plush was sold all over the world and came in many different languages. I personally have the English and Dutch version. I am aware of a French and German version existing as well, I am sure there are probably more versions though. This one was originally purchased at Toys-R-Us back in 1994 for $29.99.

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Check out my gallery [link] for more interesting and unique Lion King plush! I add new stuff all the time.
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ryanthescooterguy's avatar
In fact, it's not very movie accurate.
A decade later however, Hasbro released a toy line that was much more accurate!
Nala1994's avatar
His face just kills me, awwwww
RensMeerkat's avatar
I had one of these ever since I was a kid. I still have him too and he still talks! I got him to make up for having to spend the night in the hospital after a mouth injury.
10katieturner's avatar
I like it young Simba voiced by Joanathan Taylor ThomasThomas
foxen1985's avatar
I have my talking Simba too.. however he's worn from years of love and play, but he still works wonderfully! Marvelous collection my furrend!
Scardee-Cat's avatar
i have one of these sitting on my bed. he still works too :)
KatWithKnives's avatar
I love the glass eyes that came with the older toys. I dont really like the embroidered eyes they put on the newer models.
dapumakat's avatar
I agree with you. I really don't like the newer embroidered eyes much, not do I like the really short fur they use now. The older eyes give it a more depth and a more life like look in my opinion. The older plushies were much better.
KatWithKnives's avatar
Yeah, back when the companies could afford making high quality toys. I miss those days T.T They had so much more life than the ones today.
Mychem86's avatar
This makes me so happy. I have my Talking Simba on my bed... He looks nothing like him anymore.. I use to drag him everywhere with me.. He was my "teddy bear" or "security blanket" I love him! Best toy ever!
EveHarding92's avatar
i have two of these :3 one I've has since it came out and i still sleep with it (I'm 19 lol) it has no stuffing in its middle and the battery is gone. I ahve a second one which I got in 2001 on ebay and its a bit brown from me sleeping with it the first couple weeks but hes still intact :3 he sits i the corner of my bed and the original is on my pillow for sleep times <3 seeing this one in such mint condition just perks me up ^^
xCaityCat's avatar
I had one like this, only he purred using a thingy inside him, he didn't speak. I need to get a photo of him once I dig him out of the basement.
Flameshadow117's avatar
Oooohh! I got that as a kid, and it's still hanging over my bed in my new house! :D I need to get a screwdriver and see if I can replace the batteries, or if it's totally destroyed from 17-year old battery acid leaks >_<;;;
MoondragonEismond's avatar
Ihn habe ich auch^^
Welche Sprache spricht er?
Meiner natürlich Deutsch^^
War glaube ich auch eines der deutschen Plüschies^^
dapumakat's avatar
Ich will auch die deutsche version finden. Aber ich glaube es ist wahrscheinlich schwer zu finden.
MoondragonEismond's avatar
Ich kann ja gerne mal Ausschau halten,
vor einem Jahr hatte ich ihn noch doppelt ;)
dapumakat's avatar
Danke, das ist sehr schön von dir. Du hast warscheinlich mehr glück dan habe ich zu ein finden :) Bitte let du mich wissen wenn du einen finden.
MoondragonEismond's avatar
Mach ich doch gerne^^
Jie-n's avatar
I wanted that one as well!
But all I got was the burping Nala...
Dragonnerd445's avatar
Aww. ^_^ I used to have this one, too. ^^
RensMeerkat's avatar
You are my hero! I've been looking for a picture of him in his box for YEARS. I still have mine, but not his box.
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