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Lion King - Shenzi by Mattel

Disney's The Lion King
Shenzi plush by Mattel

UPC: 074299117114
Model: 11711
Year: 1994

This toy is part of a series of vinyl headed plush secondary characters from the Lion King. The other characters that were part of this plush series were: Pumbaa, Timon, Zazu and Rafiki.

The Shenzi plush is 8" long and 4½" tall.

[link] * Face Detail
[link] * Backside of box
[link] * Bottom of box

Check out my gallery [link] for more interesting and unique Lion King plush! I add new stuff all the time.
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Oh my goodness, I've been wanting one of these forever! Do you know how much they usually go for?
bejKutyej's avatar
Shenzi, my fav character from TLK! And I also always wanted this plush as a child, and several years ago I've seen it in a kid's hand on the street. When I go to a second-hand shop I always browse for Shenzi...
LadyFiszi's avatar
I always wanted one Shenzi like this as a child, and a few years ago my mom found two ones at a second-hand babyclothes market :)
SocksTheMutt's avatar
I found this Shenzi at a thrift store recently for 50 cents :D Total win (in pretty nice condition too)! There was also a Scar and a Simba like this (I used to carry the Simba around with me as a kid)
dapumakat's avatar
Nice find :) Which Scar and Simba did you have?
SocksTheMutt's avatar
Here's the Simba: [link] He was one of my favs as a kid

Here's the Scar: [link]

And there was also an adult Simba like this too (never had him myself): [link]
dapumakat's avatar
hanks for sharing. Those were all made by Applause when the Lion King first came out. I have those ones too. They also made a Rafiki and a Pumbaa with the vinyl heads too, see links for photos.

The bigger vinyl headed scar was part of Applause's large Lion King plush line up. They made an adult Simba, adult Nala, Scar, a Cheetah, a giraffe and an elephant. If you look through my gallery I have some of those pictured as well. Aside from Scar though the bigger ones did not have a vinyl head.
SocksTheMutt's avatar
I remember some of these, I also had the Timon with the vinyl head (I still have all of my TLK collection, but the toys I've had since I was a kid aren't in the best of shape thanks to the simple fact that I played with them a lot lol :D) I'm enjoying browsing your gallery, so many memories!
dapumakat's avatar
I really enjoy collecting toys but there is no point in having a collection if you can't share it with the world. Hence why I am gradually taking photos of my collection and putting it online for everyone to enjoy and relive the memories they perhaps had with certain toys. So I am glad you are enjoying my gallery. I have also met a lot of interesting people through sharing my collection too, which is fun. I would love to see a photo of your collection, if you ever have time to make one. The Timon with the vinyl head was made by Mattel back in 1994.
ClassicTails's avatar
how much it costs
I remember I had one when I was a kid! I loved her so much!!! So naturally I went to a Disney Store recently and bought their awesome hyena plushies and Scar. <3
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MorbidLittleThang's avatar
I had one of these! If only I could find her. D;
DrOpDeAdShElLy's avatar
i had this plush when i was little ^.^ i may still have her somewhere :D
MoondragonEismond's avatar
ZiraLovesScar's avatar
One of good toys of a hyena:)
Dragonnerd445's avatar
Aww! I used to have this one. :aww: I wish they still sold these in stores. :(
VollendJatara-Jenny's avatar
I have two of this plush. :D
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