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Lion King Kissing Simba and Nala Cubs by Mattel

Disney's The Lion King

Sweatheart Simba and Nala

by Mattel

UPC: 074299115288
Model #11528

These Kissing Simba and Nala plush were made by Mattel and sold when the Lion King was first released back in 1994. Each cub has a magnet in their nose, so that they kiss when their noses are close to one another. Both Simba and Nala are the same size. They are each 7" tall, 6" long (excluding 6" tail) and 5" wide.

In 1998, when the Lion King II, Simba's Pride was released, Mattel made a Kissing Kiara and Kovu set, using the exact same pattern as these plush. The only difference being the color of the fur.

A very similar toy was remade by Hasbro in 2003 and most recently in 2011 this toy was remade again by JustPlay and sold exclusively at WalMart's in the United States.

2011 Kissing Simba and Nala

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Mighty-C-amurai's avatar
I still have these two XD
aliciamartin851's avatar
I have my simba,I just don't know were my Nala weren't
Nala1994's avatar
they're so cute <3
Nala1994's avatar
My nala is yellow
BlondeHPchick53's avatar
I just found these again in my basement today! I remember buying these at a garage sale years ago. I remember taking them with me to first grade. Now I'm a senior. Time flies.
destiny994's avatar
i have the nala plush but a few years ago i lost my simba plush that went with nala.
scribbles-the-pony's avatar
I have a covo and kiara when I was little still have the,
TanookiPants's avatar
I had this toy when I was little! I wish I could find it :C
DrazziElder's avatar
I remember my parents getting me this when I was a kid. Sadly I lost my set in a flood after a hurricane in '98. T__T
fingasimba's avatar
XD nala looks like simba what are you doing? xD
SocksTheMutt's avatar
Found these guys at a thrift store yesterday - although I still have my originals from when I was a kid, the ones I found at the thrift store are in excellent condition. I just don't understand how other people seem to manage to keep their toys so well cared for, maybe I was just a destructive child cause my originals aren't the same color as these and they're SO worn out. XD I love finding "nicer" condition versions of these toys, although the originals from my childhood always hold a special place despite how beat up they are. :XD:
dapumakat's avatar
It is amazing what you can find in thrift stores sometimes. Probably they were in a box in the bottom of someone's closet for the last 18 years and never got dirty. I have found a couple Lion King plush from them in thrift stores that were in mint condition too. Not even dusty. It is weird.

Like you. The ones I have had forever, are always the most special. I have a Simba that I have had for a long time, that I slept with every night, he looks very well worn now, but he is still my favorite. Despite having one that is brand new with tags. Here is a link to a photo of my favorite Simba plush: [link] You can see he is pretty well loved.
Hopera's avatar
I have those!! Nala missing but Simba is in my room(along with the big puppet Simba, Sarabi and baby Simba, Rafiki, and Zazu). His fur isn't as soft anymore but rough to the touch. I played with them so much!!
Same but in reverse I have my nala, simba is long gone, took them to my friends house and couldn't find him when it was time to go home. Thanks to toy story I was convinced she was lonely and paired her up with my equally ratty little foot, I'm all grown up but I still love my ratty old nala.
Hitokiri-Ayame's avatar
Wow I haven't seen those in forever! I had them when I was kid (I loved this movie) Never knew that made kissing Kovu and Kiara-- awesome!
KovusBiggestFan's avatar
i have them ^^,but my mom put them in the dryer and now Simba's tuff of fur on his head is fuzzy and tangled,so is his tail,and Nala's tall is frizzled up, :(
dapumakat's avatar
Yeah, It is unfortunate how easily polyester is damaged by heat. Especially the longer fur. It is always better to let plushies sit out and air dry rather then putting them in the dryer.
KovusBiggestFan's avatar
My new kissing Simba and Nala are still in good condition,so that's good,and I agree,it's better to let the plushies sit out and air dry.
LittleLionKing's avatar
I've never seen these plushies brand new before...They look great! I think the Mattel version of kissing Simba and Nala are my favorite. The Kovu and Kiara are cute too.
MoondragonEismond's avatar
Oh cool in original package^^
Wolvesforeva's avatar
Amazing! Such a great item for your huge collcetion, and even in box?!? What a find!
ChocolateStarfire's avatar
My bf got me these last year. <3
CelticBotan's avatar
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