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Hansa - Rare Large adult White Lion plush (Kimba)

By dapumakat
This White Lion has the most handsome face and beautiful blue iridescent eyes. This lion really reminds me of Kimba. He is a very large kitty measuring 5 feet long to the end of his tail, 15" wide and 18" tall, the long tail with the tuft at the end is 21" long. Hansa's large white lion is very rare, not many were made and it has been discontinued.

Made by Hansa Toys, makers of some of the highest quality plush in the world. Hansa is known and respected for it's close to Nature reproductions of the world's best loved animals. A lot research goes into producing their animals as accurately as possible. All of their plush are handmade using the highest quality of plush fabrics, and carefully hand detailed with airbrushing.

All of Hansa's stuffed animals are truly soft sculpture works of art. Artisans hand sew the animals "inside out", an old world tradition that results in the minimization of seams, and their bodies are carefully "sculpted" to create "musculature" and "features" like movement in a walking or sitting position that are unique to each creature.

Maker: Hansa
Model # 5243 (White Lion)
UPC: 4806021952436
Size: 39" long excluding 21" tail (5 feet long including tail), 15" wide and 18" tall.

Click on the image for more details about these plush.

Check out my gallery to see more interesting and unique plushies. Consider adding me to your watch list. I add new stuff all the time.
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sapphireblue77's avatar
He looks so reall even his pink cute paw pads
oksammie2001's avatar
omg I been looking for won!
AffectionsXTouchingX's avatar
This is so beautiful, where did you get this?!
LittleLionKing's avatar
O love this lion. I have been hoping to find a lion just like this someday.... when I have money... LOL
LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
Wow, this is a really beautiful lion plush! Not a usual color - thats very interesting. I love the eyes and the paws, they are really cute..! Congrats for the quick sale. :) I look forward seeing even more fantastic uploads from you!
dapumakat's avatar
Thank you :) It is not often you see White Lion plush. Another deviant ~Kirauni has photos in their gallery of the white lions at Zoo Safaripark Stukenbrock. They are quite beautiful. Hopefully I can see them when I am in Germany this summer.

For me I kind of have a special attraction to the white animals. I am albino, and was born with no pigmentation. So I am white all over too. See photo of me here: [link]
LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
Wow, this is amazing. Albino humans are very very special to me. Sadly they will be killed in some cultures for rituals.. Disgusting!

I hope you'll see the white lions! Take some good photos :)
dapumakat's avatar
How come albino humans are special to you, do you have a friend who is albino? It is weird how other cultures are about people that look different then them. It is very sad.

I see you changed your name from canned cat, Atleast I think that is what that means. I kind of liked DosenKatze, but your new name is good too.
LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
yes, my moms customer and also mine is an albino. She is an old lady and so kind hearted! She has always an open ear for what you say, is so friendly and funny, she is simply different from all the german people i know. I don't know how to explain it with words. Its a feeling you have in her presence. :) And yes, it is very sad how people where treated just cause of their skin color or culture..

Yes my old name meant canned cat. I changed it, because in past i opened this account just for fun, but now i'd like to make more professional work and start business with my fiance under the name "Limitless Endeavours", so i thought i get used to my new name :meow:
Laurel-Lion's avatar
Wow! This is probably the most beautiful white lion plush I've ever seen! Made by Hansa of course :p Nice plush!!
dapumakat's avatar
Thanks :) I think he is really nice too. He really looks impressive in person.

I actually just sold him this morning on eBay for $400. I only listed him a few hours ago with a buy it now. That was a quick sale.

Hansa makes quite a few really nice animals. I am really lucky to have the ones that I do. I am always impressed by their quality and the attention they give to detail.
Laurel-Lion's avatar
How haha that's fast :P
And yeah, their plush are quite realistic and good quality :P too bad they are so expensive haha
dapumakat's avatar
That is the problem with a lot of the nicer plush, the price tag. It is too bad more companies do not make nice larger plush anymore. Douglas used to make some really nice larger plush too, they were also pretty expensive, but made very well. It is too bad they stopped making much in the way of nice larger plush. Hopefully they will start doing that again someday.
Laurel-Lion's avatar
yeah well they probably stopped because not enough people bought them? I'd buy more big plushes if they weren't that expensive! Add the shipping to that and it's almost not worth it :/
dapumakat's avatar
Well they are expensive for a reason. Good quality plush fabric is unfortunately not cheap, and it is rather labor intensive to make a nice plush, usually they also make less of them too.

I think it is more the case of the economy sucking these days, and the American Wal-Mart throw away mindset that has hurt it the most. But Hansa's stuff still sells well.

Most of the other plush companies have switched to making animals with stupidly huge eyes and a stupidly large head, out of poor quality fabric that do not look anything like the animal or character they represent at all.

People here seem to have the idea, that they would rather quantity over quality. People would rather spend $15 on a garden hose that they replace every year, then spending $70 on one that they would not have to replace for a decade or more. The same goes for plush, most people buy lots of them for their kids and then throw them away a couple years later. In Germany the mindset is different, and you can still find a lot of nice plush there. But people there will also keep them for many years.

As for shipping costs.
Shipping is usually not too bad in the U.S. Usually I find it costs about $20-$25 for shipping of a large plush across the U.S. with Parcel Post from the U.S: Postal Service. Other services though costs considerably more.

Canada is a different story. Canada Post uses this fucked up volume weight calculation, where they use the dimensions of the box to calculate the weight based on the space it takes up. So shipping a large plush often gets charged like you are mailing a package that weighs like 50KG even though it only weighs 5KG. Which sucks for Canadian collectors. I have in the past bought many plush that cost me more for shipping then the actual plush itself, so I know the pain. International shipping from Europe and down under can be even more brutal. There is lots of stuff I have seen for sale that I would love to have bought, if it weren't for the sometimes $100+ for shipping to get it here.

My philosophy though is that when I buy a new plush, I usually plan on keeping it for a long time in my collection and I enjoy having them around. It is not like I am buying it to have for a year or two then getting rid of it. I am 28 and still collect them after all. Also there are a lot of other people that collect older toys, and there are always those people who want that toy because they couldn't have it when they were a kid. It is amazing how the value of some stuff has gotten stupidly ridiculous for what it is, while other stuff hasn't gone up at all.

check this out: [link]
Laurel-Lion's avatar
Yeah, I know that high quality plushes cost more for good reasons, but that doesn't make them more affordable :/
I'm still a student and only work in a grocery store so I can't really buy myself all the nice plushes I'd like (even if I'd keep them for a long time). Things will surely change when I get a real job though :P

And yes, shipping is a pain, especially when I ship from France, I don't why they charge more (more than UK for example). But at least most seller agree to ship to Canada, so it could be worst :P
And omg that link you send me haha XD even if no one really liked the snake, he ends up being worth so much! No one wanted him then so there are few of him now. Quite a turn around :P

It's like when I see TLK plushes that are usually expensive and someone sell them for almost nothing because they found it in their basement or garage and don't know anything about it.
I like those people hahaha.
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