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Hansa Jaguarundi Plush

This is a very unique plush toy. I have never seen a plush jaguaruni other then this one made by Hansa, this plush is about life size. The jaguarundi is a little known and quite an unusual looking cat. They are also called otter cats because of their otter like appearance.

The jaugarundi (latin: Puma yagouaroundi) is a member of the Puma family and lives in the southern United States to South America.

Jaguarundis are about the size of a medium to large house cat and have short, thick black, brownish-red, or gray fur. Jaguarundis have short legs, long bodies, really long tails, and flat heads with small, rounded ears.

Jaguarundis are one of the few small wild cats that are active during the daytime. Jaguarundis inhabit dry, dense scrublands, as well as forested areas and lowlands. Jaguarundis generally eat small mammals, birds, fish, and sometimes even fruit. They are great swimmers and adept tree-climbers.

Although not really a social cat, Jaguarundis have been seen in pairs while raising their kittens. Jaguarundi kittens are spotted, but the spots become a solid coat color as the kittens get older.

In the United States, Jaguarundis are considered endangered. They live mostly in southern Texas, Arizona and Florida. Because Jaguarundis are so elusive, it is unknown the population in the United States.
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I want. It's so cute...
Flameshadow117's avatar
Oohh i love Hansa! They always have such unique plushes! I think they made a Bilby that was life-size and sooooo cuuuute I almost got it... but I have no monies for that ^^; Or space. One day.... ONE DAY!! *dramatically faces into the sunset while wind sweeps hair*
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It's cool they made a jaguarundi plushi :)
VollendJatara-Jenny's avatar
Too bad this animal isn't more popular. This is a gorgeous plush! :love: Is Hansa still making plushes?
dapumakat's avatar
Thanks! I always thought jaguarundis were pretty cool, most people sadly have never even heard of them.

You should still be able to get one. I just checked and it is still in their U.S. catalog. It is item# 5246, although for some reason they spell it "Jaguarondi". I have never seen it spelled that way before.