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Disney - Large Shenzi the Hyena plush by Douglas

Large stuffed Shenzi from the Lion King. This plush was made by Douglas Cuddle toys around 1994-95. This is the largest plush version of Shenzi ever made. She is 26" long and 13" tall.

OTHER VIEWS OF SHENZI… * Face close up… * Bottom view… * Close up of Paper Hang tag (Front side)… * Close up of Paper Hang tag (Back side)… * Close up of tush tag 1 (Sun Graphic)… * Close up of tush tag 2 (Douglas tag)… * Close up of backside of tush tag 2 (Douglas tag)

Check out my dA gallery to see more rare and unusual Lion King and other plush!
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Hi Will Mitchell I want to know if you would sell your you Disney Large Shezi plush Heyna that was made by Douglas if so email the price to this email:
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 I still cant find her 
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Where did you get the Large stuffed Shenzi from the Lion King and how much was it thanks courteney krienke

Shenzi is so nice.
If you or someone else ever want to sell her, please let me know. Shenzi is missing in my collection.:-(
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Wow, I 've never seen any of this! Although as I know I have the largest hyena collection so far (21 pieces [link] , it's an old picture, I have two or three newer one)
I guess you don't want to sell it... :)
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Wow, cool! I didn't know this one existed. I have a little Shenzi plush, with the vinyl head. And the newer Banzai.
Nostalgic90s's avatar
Where on earth do you find these things!? this is beautiful!
Cruel-Quillish's avatar
Aww... Hyenas are so adorable...
Kara-Kiwi's avatar
Wow, ive never seen this before! I thought ive seen every tlk thing there ever was but i guess i was wrong :D
dapumakat's avatar
I keep discovering new TLK stuff that I never knew before existed and I have been collecting Lion King stuff since the 90's. Do you have any photos of your TLK collection?
Kara-Kiwi's avatar
ive been collecting since it came out too XD When i was 14 or 15 i painted tlk murals all over my walls and had tlk litterallly everywhere! but i took most all of it down about 3 years ago, I might have pictures of it still somewhere but most of my stuff is in boxes now. all i have out now is a book case that holds a couple plushies, my sandra blue sculptures and couple broadway things. I got a couple posters and lithos on my walls too including one i painted. But yeah i dont have much out now sadly.
Nostalgic90s's avatar
wow, if you not so interested in tlk anymore, will you ever consider maybe selling?
I would love to see your collection!
Kara-Kiwi's avatar
actually i just brought most everything i have up from the basement again an put em on my book case XD i might have a couple things i might sell since i have two of whatever but they arnt anything cool really XD I just bought a whole bunch of tlk things on abay yesterday too.
Nostalgic90s's avatar
cool, what did you get, if you don't mind me asking? :)
Kara-Kiwi's avatar
Heres a couple pictures of some of what i have [link]
Kara-Kiwi's avatar
I got the roaring puppet adult simba from 94' still in the box! A cub simba beanie and the WDW adult simba beanie! I also found a jumbo pumbaa at the thrift store the other day XD
dapumakat's avatar
I have the Sandra Brue sculpture set too. They were always my favorite TLK figures. I remember paying a lot for those... If you manage to find photos of your collection/Lion King room. Please upload them. I would love to see them, it sounds like you had a really cool room. I too have been collecting Lion King for a very long time, since I was a kid. Now I am 28, have a career, own my own home and I still have not given it up :) Every once in a while I think about giving it up, but the problem is I still love it and enjoy it.
Kara-Kiwi's avatar
Yeah they are my favorite too^^ I only paid 110 for mine and ive seen them go for around 400 new! tlk is hard to give up :D It was the first movie i ever saw and well obviously i was very captivated by i and litterally grew up loving it! It just brings back my favorite childhood memories and i see nothing wrong "reliving" that, tlk is sorta my guilty pleasure XD
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I've seen them once so far, but I did not have enough money to buy it myself, hence it is missing in my collection. :(
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i have never seen this one! 8D im gonna have to try and find it now! (ive only ever seen the hyenas as bean-plushes, or as the plastic-headed ones, so this is AWESOME)
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Thanks for your comment, Unfortunately they are quite hard to find. I believe I have only ever seen this one once or twice on eBay in over 10 years. I wish you luck finding one.

For some reason most toy manufacturers seem to ignore the villains. I guess they figure kids don't want to take a hyena to bed and cuddle with it, or Scar for that matter. The biggest Scar I know of was made by Applause, it is not that big and has a hard vinyl head.

I have several other Lion King plush made by Douglas as well. In my opinion they made the nicest TLK plush. Do you have any of the other Lion King characters made by Douglas?
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