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Cub Simba plush from the Netherlands

By dapumakat
This cub Simba plush I got from Holland. This was purchased in August 2012 in Rotterdam from a classifieds site. I have a very special friend in the Netherlands who is very kind. On several occasions he has gone and picked up animals for me or driven me around all over the place to hunt down plushies :)

The tags say it was imported by Merison Retail B.V. of Bunschoen, the Netherlands. This plush was sold in the Netherlands back around 2003. I have only seen this plush in Holland and no other country, so I am assuming it was specific to Holland. I have no idea what company actually made it as it was a private label for Merison. This cub Simba is 15" tall, 7" wide, 10" long excluding tail and was made in China. One thing that is unusual about this plush is the washing instructions. Most stuffed animals specifically say to surface wash and air dry only, while this one says you can throw in the washing machine and dryer on low heat.

There is also a Mufasa plush that was made by this company and sold in the Netherlands alongside this one. Click on the thumbnail below for details on the Mufasa.

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Hi Puma, I am from the Netherlands. This plush was sold in a specific supermarket called " Albert Heijn" around 2003 indeed. This was to promote the lion king 3,5. The price was about €10 per piece (mufasa or simba) During this period you could also buy the beanies . are you familiar with these ? if no,then take a look at my page . Also, cups, placemats,mugs and bowls for soup where sold at that time. :)
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i want this simba so bad..i love his face and his ears
DoloAndElectrik's avatar
For some reason, I thought he was already in your gallery. Love this plush, I also have both Simba & Mufasa in our collection as well. Your Simba cub looks to be in better condition than mine. Congrats - Weezy :D
LittleLionKing's avatar
He is adorable! Great find! Love the red background to, great job :huggle:
CorneliaTheWolfLover's avatar
Very nice plush. I really like his eyes!
dapumakat's avatar
Laurel-Lion's avatar
Yeah! I'm glad you finally post something!
This guy is awesome! I just got one a couple of weeks ago :P
dapumakat's avatar
Yeah, it has been a while. I have been really busy and I was away in Europe and Africa for a month and a half. Then I came back, had pneumonia (Which really sucked). Then I had a lot of work to catch up on. I have lots and lots of stuff I need to add. I just finally got started taking photos yesterday again. As for Simba. I have another one of these but he is in not great shape. This one is much nicer. I managed to pick this one up along with another of the Mufasas for like €10. Which was cool. Hopefully I manage to find them with tags one of these days. Where did you get your Simba from?
Laurel-Lion's avatar
Wow cool! Where in which african country have you been?
Well I'm glad to hear you are doing good :)

lol yeah these plushies seem to be quite common in the Netherlands. I got mine of Maarktplaatz or something like that.
I still see some from time to time.
dapumakat's avatar
I was in Morocco
Laurel-Lion's avatar
Cool! I hope you enjoyed it :)
dapumakat's avatar
Yeah it was a lot of fun. I got to see lots of neat things. They sure have a different way of life though. But that is cool too.
Laurel-Lion's avatar
I bet you did!
Yeah well they're muslims, right? So it must be very different from North America where the majority is christian.
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