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1994 Mattel - Baby Simba plush

Disney's The Lion King
Mattel - Baby Simba plush

Year: 1994

Called "Baby Simba" on the packaging by Mattel. This Simba was sold around 1994-95 when the Lion was Lion King was originally released. Simba was packaged attached to a cardboard display featuring the Lion King sun logo, like many of the other Lion King plush by Mattel. Simba is 12" long (excluding tail), 6" tall and 7" wide.

One interesting thing to note is the tag says "MATTEL. INC. 1993". Many of Mattel's Lion King toys are also dated 1993. The Lion King was never released in theaters until June 15, 1994. This may explain why several of their Lion King plush toys do not look like the characters they are representing and are colored wrong. i.e. Simba does not have white paws. However Simba did have white paws in some of the earlier concept drawings of Simba that Disney did.

[link] * Close up of Face
[link] * Top view
[link] * Bottom view
[link] * Tush tag 1 "Authentic Lion King"
[link] * Tush tag 2 (front) Mattel 1993
[link] * Tush tag 2 (back)

Check out my gallery [link] for more interesting and unique Lion King plush! I add new stuff all the time.
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TwiTwi1234's avatar

This was the Simba plush I had as a baby! I got it back in 1994 with a ton of other lion king stuff.

Sasha-Shana's avatar

Oh my, those pictures saves mu day, I want to repair mine (cos I can't afford a new one, besides mine is keeping 27 years of memories) and those photos helps a lot!

Nala1994's avatar
I got him for only 25 dollars on ebay.  Usually he's goes for more like 50 or so.
ClocksandKeys13's avatar
The Tush tag 2 Front and Back only show the first Tush tag pic  "Authentic Lion King" just so you know. :)
JordanMireldis's avatar
I got this little guy too. We found him in a house we helped a friend empty out because the house owner passed away. We were told to keep anything we want as they were just throwing it all away anyways. The Simba is in like-new condition and even has his tags still
Zalcoti's avatar
I have this toy still. The hair was cut off the head and tail when I was little thinking it would grow back though...
Siri-Existence's avatar
OMG My dad gave this plushie to me, when I was about 2-3 years old. He bought it in the US.
I still have it and it's still sleeping in my bed. Of course it doesn't look as fluffy anymore as in the picture but I still love my plush Simba.
InuLuverHana89's avatar
My god! I got that when I was 5! He was one of my favorite Simbas!(i had a TON of different Simbas!)

But I gave him a haircut one day, making his mane non-existent. Same for his tail. I still loved him!

I wish I knew where he was. I think I'll get another one day. I'll even trim him like before.
mybabykane's avatar
i have the Exact same Simbe i've had him for years and i used to take him everywhere i go and i still have him :D
after-the-funeral's avatar
I was just doing a random search on DA and I found this, and I have a lot of stories about this little guy.

I was born in 1993 and the very first movie I saw was the Lion King in the drive in theaters when I was a baby. When I was little, far too little ro remember, my parents got me this toy and we have dozens of pictures of my dad carrying me around the house, riding the lawnmower, riding in the car, and sitting in the bicycle seat carrying Simba around. My dad says that sometimes when he was riding the bike around the neighborhood with me in the back I would start crying when we were almost home and my dad, realising that I dropped my Simba, would retrace his steps until I was re united with my loved one. I still have my little Simba and one day when I have a small child I'll go on bike rides with them and Simba. :D
stasher-dragon's avatar
I have this one, too. Also saved from a garage sale.
foxen1985's avatar
Still have my worn Simba plushie like this! ~:heart: TLK forever!
lastlyfirst's avatar
This is one of my favorite Simba plushes! Hoping to luck out & find one soon :)
Spiritheart19's avatar
I also have this one. He's old however and has no tags.
xXxChaoticKitty's avatar
Oh my gosh would you have any idea where to buy this guy? and the nala as well. I had them when I was little but lost them. I lost Nala on Vacation [as well as my favorite towel cause I took it crabbing with me when it was windy] and my simba I lost at camp. I think someone stole it >3>
kalynvalcourt's avatar
Greenpolarbear47's avatar
I still have this somewhere at home. I use to love it. Lion King was one of my favourite movies as a kid.
pariah89's avatar
<-- Jealous. So, soooo jealous. I had one of these when I was little. Carried it with me EVERYwhere. I think my mom secretly threw it out cuz it got so old and dingy. I'm 22 years old and I would probably cry if I ever found another one of these. lol. I'm constantly looking for them in Goodwill
SonyaSierra's avatar
This is very similar to the one I had...thanks for sharing! I love your collection!!!
hammyhammy22's avatar
OH MY GOD! I have him still (he's my second oldest plush next to Scorch the dragon).
He's has so much love over the years so now looks a bit dishevelled after many trips in the washer, being hung out to dry ^^; nice to see what he used to look like.
dorey69's avatar
hi, if anyone selling one of these, please let me know as my daughter has lost hers which she has had since she was two, any help would be appreciated, tnks
dorey69's avatar
hi, is he for sale? my e mail is tnks shaz
KatWithKnives's avatar
I have him! He's been my buddy through most of my childhood. We went everywhere together<333 Yours is in such good condition lol mine went through the washer/dryer T.T I actually forgot he used to look so good XD
dapumakat's avatar
I like this one a lot too. He is really soft and cute.
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