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We'd love to welcome you to our group. Here at DAProjectRunway our goal is to challenge ourselves by completing all of Project Runways past challenges. We showcase deviants interpretations of the challenges in our gallery - so take a look! Feel free to submit some of your own.
Everyone is accepted!


:bulletblack: You must be a member to submit.
:bulletblack: You may submit 3 works per day.
:bulletblack: Try to submit your best work only.
:bulletblack: Anything you submit, must be your own work.
:bulletblack: Make sure you submit to the sorting folder!
:bulletblack: Have fun! (:

Thanks for visting - have a wonderful day!
Well hello to all the fashionistas and gents of dA!  This might not be an original idea, but I know I've been wanting to do it for ever, so here it is.  Let's challenge eachother - I'm sure we'll all improve as designers and illustrators and it'll be a nice journey.  There are currently almost 100 challenges to date at the time of writing this blog - so we have a lot of work to do! So here we go: :heart:

Feel free to submit your designs into the sorting folder which will then be put into the correct folder. Enjoy! We hope you'll join and have fun! (:

Season One:
#1: grocery store items to create a sexy, glamorous outfit for a night on the town
#2: a cotton dress that expresses the idea of "envy".
#3: a party dress for Banana Republic.
#4: a new look for singer Sarah Hudson.
#5: your model's dream wedding dress. (grab a friend!)
#6: a swimsuit that can double as evening wear.
#7: a cohesive collection for the year 2055.
#8: redesign the postal uniform - keeping style and function in mind.
#9: a red carpet design for Nancy O'Dell

Season Two:
#10: who you are as a fashion designer  using 6 yards of white muslin.
#11: an outfit using the clothes they're currently wearing.
#12: a life-sized outfit appropriate for "My Scene" Barbie.
#13: a lingerie line consisting of three looks
#14: a party dress for socialite Nicky Hilton
#15: a day-to-evening outfit for Banana Republic.
#16: a figure skating outfit for Olympian Sasha Cohen.
#17: Go into the streets to photograph the inspiration for your next outfit.
#18: a dress using only natural materials purchased in the New York Flower District
#19: a "make over" look for another designer. (either your friends or actual designers!)
#20: an evening gown that will be worn by supermodel Iman.

Season Three:
#21: a garment only out of the materials located in your apartments.
#22: a gown for Miss U.S.A. (Tara Conner) to wear for the Miss Universe pageant.
#23: evening outfit based on a story that's been inspired by a tiny dog. +  outfits for the dogs to wear.
#24: a three piece look that embraces Macy's brand INC style and concept
#25: modernizing a look for a famous fashion icon.
#26: an entire outfit from recyclable materials
#27: an everyday woman look for a fellow designer’s mother and/or sister
#28: an outfit for a jet-setter
#29: a haute couture evening gown
#30: a black and white cocktail dress
#31: an outfit that expresses "your specific point of view as a designer"

Season Four:
#32: a garment which best reflects who you are as a designer.
#33: a look for Sarah Jessica Parker’s BITTEN line
#34: a three piece menswear look for ex-Giant football player Tiki Barber
#35: a fashionable, current look based on out-of-date trends
#36: a new look for everyday women out of their old clothes that no longer fit – due to weight loss
#37: an outfit out of items from the Hershey's store in Times Square
#38: a prom dress
#39: an outfit based on the hairstyle of the model
#40: an outfit out of Levi's famous 501 jeans and white cotton– your own spin on denim
#41: clothing that are inspired by female professional wrestlers.
#42: choose a work of art to inspire an outfit

Season Five:
#43: a look using only materials purchased from a grocery store
#44: a cocktail dress using environmentally friendly or conscious fabrics
#45: a look of their choice inspired by the vibrant nightlife of New York City
#46: a womenswear look for the 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies inspired by Apolo Anton Ohno’s wins.
#47: an outfit that could transition from day to night, for Brooke Shields's character Wendy Healy on the #48: television show Lipstick Jungle
#49: an outfit for a drag queen.
#50: an outfit made entirely out of the spare parts and raw materials from a Saturn hybrid car
#51: a look for Diane von Furstenberg’s Fall 2008 collection inspired by the movie, A Foreign Affair, starring screen legend, Marlene Dietrich.
#52: a garment inspired by your partner's astrological sign (or friends!)
#53: a fashion makeover to help recent college graduates enter the workforce – gear look towards the client's specific profession
#54: a garment inspired by different genres of music.
#55: an outfit of your choice inspired by the New York Botanical Garden

Season Six:
#56: a dress made for a red carpet event - focusing on innovation on their creation and making a statement on who they are as a designer
#57: a pregnancy look for supermodel Rebecca Romijn - fashionable, comfortable + appropriate
#58: a fashionable, surfer-inspired outfit + an avant-garde look inspired by their ready-to-wear, surfer-inspired outfit
#59: an eye-catching outfit to please your surprise client: your model. (who is your ideal model?)
#60: an outfit made out of newspaper
#61: a movie character and design a look inspired by different movie genres for this character
#62: 2 garments for Macy's, Inc.; they both must be blue and must fit in Macy's, Inc.'s line
#63: reconstruct a divorcée's wedding gown and turn it into a new dress
#64: a dazzling and show-stopping stage look for Christina Aguilera
#65: a design inspired by either Palm Beach FL, Greece, Saint Tropez, NYC, Aspen, Colorado, Santa Fe, New Mexico, or hollywood, California
#66: a companion piece for your “winning” look (what’s your best design?)
#67: draw inspiration from any location in and around the Getty Center

Season Seven:
#68: a garment that represents who they are as a designer with five fabrics
#69: a party look made from a burlap potato sack
#70: a high-end signature look worthy of a master collection
#71: a look for a Fashion Week gala – has to be red and include elements with Campbell's branding
#72: an outfit for the cover of Marie Claire magazine.
#73: a fashionable girls children's look, (aged 5–9) + a companion adult look
#74: an innovative look and an accessory from materials sourced from a hardware store.
#75: a look inspired by one of the four classical elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.
#76: a day and evening look inspired by a distinctive New York City neighborhood
#77: your own print fabric as the basis for your look
#78: a red-carpet look for Heidi Klum
#79: a look inspired by the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Season Eight:
#80: take an article of clothing from your closet, and incorporate it into your final design
#81: a look exemplifying what you think is the vibe of Marie Claire magazine
#82: a look made from materials found at a party supply store + an accessory using additional party materials
#83: an outfit to pair with a unique, avant garde Philip Treacy hat
#84: a six-piece collection for Fall 2010
#85: transform a  bridesmaid dress into wearable fashion
#86: a fashionable resort wear look
#87: a look that is their own take on classic American sportswear using the style of Jacqueline Kennedy as inspiration + a companion outerwear item
#88: a high fashion look for a L'Oreal advertorial, using one of the L'Oreal eye shadow finishes as an inspiration (Bright, Crystal, Matte, Velvet, Metallic)
#89: a textile design based on an profound moment or time in their lives
#90: a look for Heidi Klum's New Balance active wear line
#91: a look inspired by New York City itself

Season Nine:
#92: transform a pair of your pajamas and one bed sheet into an outfit of your choice
#93: an outfit using only materials found in a pet supply store
#94: a look for a stilt walker based off the theme "larger than life"
#95: a day to evening look for Nina Garcia
#96: three looks for Heidi's New Balance sneakers (use denim and/or suede in the designs)
#97: an avant-garde look inspired by a painting of yours
#98: a textile design and a collection
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