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Welcome & Etiquette


How do I join?
All you have to do is click the "Join This Group" button on the top of our page, applications are automatically accepted.

Can anyone join?
Yes! Anyone of any sexual orientation may join and anyone of any gender identity may join.

Can I submit art?
Yes, you must be a member to submit art unless you wish to submit it without your name attached. Please review the guidelines before you submit.


At daPride we try our best to allow oneself to express themselves with as little restrictions as possible. At the same time, in a somewhat conflicting goal, we try to protect the members as a whole from discrimination, prejudice and harassment to make a safe environment.

That said, we take more priority on making a safe environment due to the generally "unsafe" and everyday discriminatory nature that LGBT-etc people face in their lives, and we want to be at least one place where LGBT-etc people can come to be themselves without fear.

Your conduct on daPride journals, polls, front page, our gallery's comment section, Note system, and correspondence as well as personal contact (that is about daPride) to the administrators should avoid the following:
  • Homophobic, biphobic, heterophobic, transphobic, or otherwise discriminatory, bigoted or hateful comments directed to any sexual orientation or gender identity, even if it isn't directed to any user in particular.

  • Racist, sexist, and other hateful or discriminatory comments directed to all protected groups (disability, sex, marital status, etc) as well as statuses such as weight, sexual history, mental health, etc, even if it isn't directed to any user in particular.

  • Insults, i.e. "b*tch", keep them to yourself.

  • "Bigot", "homophobe", "queerphobe", "biphobe", "hateful", "ignorant", etc. Keep your judgements and assumptions to yourself as it is too often we jump on the gun for these words. If you feel someone is posting homophobic/etc commentary notify an admin.

  • Stereotypes (presented in a clearly intended offensive manner), as an example, "lesbians just need to find the right man", "all gay men have AIDS", "asexuality is a disease", "bisexuals are sluts", "transgender people are mentally unwell", etc.

  • Excessively aggressive or harassing comments, or continuing to pursue contact after it is clear it is no longer wanted.

No exploiting :smoking: Don't do the following:
  • Sockpuppet.
  • Advertise a group that is not an affiliate.
  • Spam or flood the group.
  • Circumvent a block.

There is no specific consequence except for sockpuppeting and block circumventing which will always lead to a permanent block from the group. All other offenses are judged individually on their severity and have no set consequence and we have no set "strike system" -- consequences are either a warning, a temporary block or a permanent block.

I am happy to be sending out some amazing art to y'all again on a steady basis! If you have seen your submissions "expire," please please please feel free to resubmit! Sometimes I can't get to it all myself!

On that note, Moderator positions are, again, OPEN! If you've applied before and didn't get a response from me, please feel free to apply again!

Our Gallery Moderator's (GMs) main job is to, well, moderate the galleries. They vote on submissions, migrate older deviations, make sure everything is in the right category and enforce gallery rules. They reply to group notes as well.</b>

Because they deal with "customer service" unlike the other positions they also can enforce our etiquette rules; they may also participate in art, writing, CSS, contest-creating, etc. They are a bit of a "general moderator" really. But their duty is the galleries.


    Someone who is active, on every few days at least and spending some of it helping us out (voting on pieces, answering notes, looking for great LGBT art to submit).
    Someone who is very polite and friendly even when confronted with an aggravating person, willing to communicate with members and not afraid to tell a person to resubmit to a category or tell them why a piece was denied (and such things).
    Someone who will review the galleries unbiased; they will vote using our expectations, not their own.
    Someone who is a part of the LGBTQIAP-etc community and not just a sympathizer.
    Someone who has been with daPride for a while.
    Someone who has good grammar and spelling, and has good attention to detail; should be able to pick up if a piece is submitted to the wrong category, in example.
    Someone who knows deviantART's policies well.
    Someone who knows their way around the group system already.
    Someone who is 18 or above in age.

Need not apply

    Someone who is 15 and under.
    Someone who hasn't been on dA longer than half a year.

Application form

Please remember fill in this application via note to daPride, titled "Staff Application for Gallery Moderator".

Please tell us a bit about yourself in addition to the below form, and why you are applying to become a moderator. Let us know if you have any previous experience moderating, and if so, who for, for how long, and why did you leave the team if you have.

    How you fit into the LGBTQIAP community:
    How long have you been with deviantART:
    How long you have been with daPride:
    Do you fit the expectations we posted? If not, which ones don't you fit?
    Why should you be moderator?  
   Facebook or other social media profile link (recommended):
More Journal Entries


We only affiliate with the highest quality groups, with something new to offer you. You can be sure all the groups below are worth checking out.


Random from Featured

JUST MARRIED II by cetrobo JUST MARRIED II :iconcetrobo:cetrobo 78 4 Sketchez: ...more by Creature13
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Sketchez: ...more :iconcreature13:Creature13 1,697 205
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Bisexual in America
There is this illusion,
That being "bi" is cool.
Jumping to a conclusion
About me is just cruel.
I didn't dream this up.
I'm not playing pretend.
If you call me a slut,
It's your moral sin.
I'm not bisexual
Just because I'm greedy.
It's been perpetual
Since Elementary.
I'm ostracized by Straights
For being perverted.
Shut out by Lesbians
For being diverted.
"You can't marry a man
And claim to love women.
You have to take a stand.
Make a choice. Us or Them?"
There's no way to explain
Why I'm bisexual,
But the title is stained
When deemed conceptual.
I'm faced with the same fears
As so many others:
It took me twenty-four years
To tell my own mother.
Beyond Stereotypes,
Disillusions and lies:
I stand here before you,
Bisexual, Alive.
:iconlostkitten:LostKitten 223 225
So, really lesbian .... by LordMishkin
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So, really lesbian .... :iconlordmishkin:LordMishkin 1,927 99
The Sickness of Homosexuality
The Sickness of Homosexuality
I will tell you what sickens me:
               people pointing fingers and waving
           like some sort of medieval mob
  people throwing punches and kicking
                 already curled up on the sidewalk
people convinced that to be a queer is a crime,
:iconindiana-w:indiana-w 70 64


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