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LOTR 1st book cover

By DappleHack
This is a cover illustration to a Belorussian edition of "The Lord Of the Rings", designed for the first book - "The Fellowship of the Ring".
This was suppose to be some elven guard on the border of Lothlorien forest.

Watercolour on paper.

(I'll upload the rest of the bw inner illustrations a bit later)

UPD - 2nd book cover - [link]
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Whoa!! How nice that you got the opportunity to draw it! =D

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very beautiful :heart: your watercolours are great, i really love your gallery!!:heart::love:
DappleHack's avatar
Thank you very much!
Soleio-Champion's avatar
Argh, I don't know Russian! If these book covers ever come to the english editions, please tell me, because I think they are spectacular and would love to buy editions like these. They match Tolkien so well.
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Thank you!
it went out actually in Belorussian :) Though, I don't think there'll be a chance for them to be in English-edition ^^;
astro-gnome's avatar
The composition is lovely. :nod:
Seashellnumber1's avatar
Ух ты, здорово-то как! А деревья вообще волшебные! :thumbsup: :nod:
DappleHack's avatar
Спасибо! :)
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Simply gorgeous, I love the rich autumny colours, and the composition with the elf standing partway in, partway out of the landscape.
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This is so beautiful,from your colouring ( i was at first drawn to this piece by the rich,vivid colours!) and shading to the elf's clothing and little details like those leaves outside the frame,everything looks so stunning and so lively.And so perfectly Lothlorien-fitting!
All in all,great job. :)
DappleHack's avatar
Thank you very much!!
Achen089's avatar
You're very welcome! :)
articraft's avatar
Ступни бы побольше и ноги в голенях чуток подлиннее, а так вообще класс, очень живая иллюстрация!
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*PERFECT* I love it :love:
I wish it would be the book cover!
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Thank you!
Well, it actually IS :)
This is a cover for the first Belorussian translation of LOTR, which was printed in 2007.
The second volume was printed in 2008, and the third volume is to come yet (I'm working on the cover).
juliann108's avatar
Really! Oh, awesome! I'm so happy for you! :dance:
Well, I'll wait it.
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You're welcome!
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This, somehow, looks perfectly right. Like taken from a book of fairy-tales one read as a small child, or something like that. It seems almost sculpted!
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OMG I love it. Stunning, great coloring!
I wish I could make watercolour do things like this for me!
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