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Xerneas Sprite (Fixed)

So, Pokemon X and Y! I haven't talked about them until now, and you can rest easy knowing that I think they look great, and I really look forward to them. The two revealed legendaries are some of the best I've ever seen in any generation, and Xerneas is definitely my favorite of the duo. It's pretty much solidifies my choice for Pokemon X when they come out. Oh, but the lack of sprites is somewhat disappointing. The change is for the better, as now they include what I always wanted in battles; while the moving sprites in Generation V were marvelous, the dynamic models on these Pokemon with attacking and hurt animations blow them out of the water. Besides, sprites would look awkward in 3D.

Anyway, I made a sprite for Xerneas, since Game Freak isn't going to do that anytime soon. It's not normally in my style to make a sprite in the same pose as the Pokemon I'm working on, but considering every attempt to deviate from the Sugimori drawing looked rather off, I opted for keeping it consistent. I'll also make a sprite for Yveltal in the future when I can get around to it, and that sprite should be more distinct from the drawing it is based on.

So, yeah.

Edit: In six years, this has been my first deviation with more than 100 favorites! Thank you all so much!

Edit 2: Modified the sprite a tad: specifically, I made the antlers much larger and the jawline much more Campbellesque. If you'd like to see the original sprite, here it is.
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May I use this sprite as an icon with credit?
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You have my full support!
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This is the most glorious thing.
I used it in my remix if that's fine:
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That's perfectly fine!

Very nice song, as well!
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Your Xerneas is beautiful.
There is only one thing that isn't realy right : legs are a little to small for it at my sign.
But it's still a good work. ^^
luana098's avatar
Xerneas's fablous pose
KrazyKay12's avatar
Can this be my icon? I love it so much!
Dappertron's avatar
If you'd like, then you are more than welcome to use this as your avatar. Thanks for asking first, though!
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May I use for Trainer Cards? I always give credit =)
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You are absolutely free to use this! With credit, of course.
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Can I use this? This is my project…. I credit everyone's sprites I use.
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You most certainly may use the sprite! Thank you for asking!
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I wonder if someone will make a sprited ROM of X/Y
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Inevitably, there will be a handful of people who will try to recreate the game, with mixed success. I wish them luck, wherever they are and whenever they decide to do so.

But anyway, thanks a lot for the watch!
I will certainly use it for my online game PokeQuest, with Credits of course :)
Great stuff !
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Use this to your heart's content if you give credit!
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Whoa, this is great! :D
rockiecuff's avatar
can I have permission to use this for my two headed female Ocs?
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... Er, you want to give a woman two Xerneas heads?
rockiecuff's avatar
No. I mean use the sprite you made and add my female Ocs on the sprite to make my Ocs look like they both are riding on a xerneas.
Dappertron's avatar
Well, I suppose you are free to use the sprite, so long as you give permission.
rockiecuff's avatar
I did it.


what do you think?
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Frankly, I'm still rather confused about the whole "multiple heads" thing.
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