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:bulletpink: Images must meet all the requirements set out in the Stock Guidelines

:bulletpink: They must have a human model that is either nude or wearing form fitting clothing which allows the figure's form to be easily seen. Underwear, leotards, spandex, etc. is best. This means that models should not be wearing ordinary street clothes, i.e., no jeans, no skirts, nothing baggy or loose. Please try to avoid black because black does not allow the form to be seen clearly.

:bulletpink: Nude stock MUST be submitted into one of the Nude Stock folders - either Male or Female. Nude Stock includes any stock where DA would require a mature content filter.

:bulletpink: The image must be submitted into the proper DA Stock category - nothing from Photography or other galleries. We are not currently accepting work that you have to pay to use.

:bulletpink: All Contributors and Members are limited to 3 submissions per day (this rule might change occasionally so check it once in a while)

:bulletpink: You can submit partial body images, though full body is encouraged

:bulletpink: Do not submit stock that is overtly sexual in nature or focuses on a model's genitalia

Admin and Founders reserve the right to reject any image for any reason.









Here are some great affiliate groups! Also be sure to check out the Stock Resource GROUPS Directory! :w00t!:

About #dAPoses

Submissions Policy Large Stamp by CelticStrm-Stock

Your photography is lovely, but if your submission is NOT in the STOCK & RESOURCES section of DA, we cannot accept it here! :heart:


Be sure to review the submission guidelines to the left before submitting to the group.
We have VERY SPECIFIC guidelines for submission and you will be declined if you do not meet the requirements.

This group is run by :iconadorkastock: and :iconskydancer-stock:. Please contact us if you have questions or need help.

Welcome to the dAPoses! This is a group for deviants to join and submit stock photography that can be used for pose reference for the human figure. You do not have to be an exclusively pose reference stock provider to join, but only stock suitable for figure study should be submitted to the group (see guidelines below).

Artists who are looking for a pose reference resource can watch this account and have access to new and inspiring poses!

:star: Stock Providers! :star: Please let me know if you would like to become a Contributor! Contributors are able to submit to the gallery folders from the Gallery tab. You must have model stock already available in your gallery to be accepted as a Contributor (though not necessarily pose reference stock if you intend to add it for the group). Contributors can also help manage the gallery.

:thumbsup: Everyone! :thumbsup: You can suggest things to the gallery too! To suggest a submission, go to the deviation you want to submit and there should be a "Suggest to a Group" button along the right side of the page. Please be sure to mind the submission guidelines below!

Submissions to the Favorites are not as strict as the gallery.

Gallery Folders

Laying Above Perspective Cuddle Couple Sweet Pose by AdorkaStock
Male Pose Reference Reclined Sultry Man Pose by AdorkaStock
Three Sectional Staff Pose Reference Male Model by AdorkaStock
Smol and Tol Hand Holding Eye to Eye Pose Ref by AdorkaStock
Full Body Single Male
Male Pose Leaning Hand on Head with Drink by AdorkaStock
Klaus Low Perspective Angry Fist Giant Pose by AdorkaStock
Powerful Male Muscular Low Angle Pose Walking by AdorkaStock
Male Sitting on Playground Relaxed Pose Reference by AdorkaStock
Full Body Single Female
Underwater Falling Floating Graceful Pose Referenc by AdorkaStock
Back Lying Sniper Pose From Above Behind by AdorkaStock
Kneeling Katana High Heel Pin Up Pose Reference by AdorkaStock
Pose Reference in Profile Smelling Flower Walking by AdorkaStock
Partial Body Single Male
2021 DEJ 18 - No by AdorkaStock
2021 DEJ 16 - Stab by AdorkaStock
Prisoner Kneeling Tied Up Kneel Submit Captured by AdorkaStock
Bow Bowing Kneel Subserviant Prostrate Figure Man by AdorkaStock
Partial Body Single Female
Holding Up Tiny Person Angry Giant Woman Claw Hand by AdorkaStock
Fall Falling Reach Reaching Dynamic Perspective by AdorkaStock
Heart! by AdorkaStock
New Blog/Podcast! Mind. Body. Artist. by AdorkaStock
Face and Head
Stock portrait by Fumei-stock
Stock portrait by Fumei-stock
Stock portrait by Fumei-stock
STOCK_BloodyVampire.3 by Bellastanyer-STOCK
Hands, Feet, Arms and Legs
Looking Down at Your Own Hands Drawing Reference by AdorkaStock
Beauty of gestures by lizckovanno
Hands 2 [Download In Desc] by AwesomeStock
Hands photo reference by Sellenin
Groups of Three or More
Group Casual Friends Pose Reference Buddies by AdorkaStock
High Perspective Group Hug Three People Pose Ref by AdorkaStock
Three Models Together Looking Up Top Down by AdorkaStock
Group of Three Pose Reference Rivals Guns Enemies by AdorkaStock
Pairs or Couples
Gun Girls Pose Reference High Heels by AdorkaStock
Height Difference Pose Reference Lean Down Hugging by AdorkaStock
Touching Foreheads Kneeling Height Difference Pose by AdorkaStock
Girls Fighting Punching Disagreement Angry Pose by AdorkaStock
3D Models
Male. by inspiring-references
Female.Pose. by inspiring-references
Interaction/Group (3xGirls) by inspiring-references
034 by Twistedcrystal
Nude Single Female

Mature Content

Anatomy references for artists by sadiego
Nude Single Male

Mature Content

Giant Pose 206 by LookingUp123
Nude Groups

Mature Content

2015-10-28 M-h 174 by skydancer-stock
Non Photo and Other Pose References
General Poses Set08 by BerenyiArts
Moved for Possible Removal
ballchair_stock102 by VirnaLamour-Stock
Great References "BUT"
Step Forward by Danika-Stock
Humanoid Drawing Tutorials
Poses Mega Pack  May/2021 by BerenyiArts
Children References
Keira the Little mermaid 3 by Elsapret



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Dizzardy Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2021  Student Digital Artist
Is it ok to ask a question here? I'm going to look myself, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any stock images that are like (or similar to) this?

1. A back three quarter view of someone shooting a crossbow.
2. Someone crawling (in my image it's going to be a vent but I guess crawling in general works too)
3. Someone climbing on someone elses shoulders to get a boost. (in my case one of the characters is Pikachu but obviously I won't find something exactly like that)

I'm going to search through deviantart myself but I thought I'd ask just in case anyone here was trying to draw something similar and knows where to look. Thanks!
dofaust Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2021
I'm searching for a photographer with a good portfolio, including in some conventional media. A good friend/artist/muse here on DA (… ) would like some poses from her favorite model, moi, and a photographer in N. Calif is needed.  Please email me at dofaust at gmail for more information.
MisssKisss Featured By Owner May 5, 2020
designtypegeek Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2020
Thank you for adding me. I'd love to see some reference I can use for fan art of The Last Unicorn. Particularly in poses from the movie of either Amalthea or Molly Grue.
LittleDragonKid Featured By Owner Edited Aug 31, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Hey SenshiStock could you ask skydancer-stock why he blocked me?
I don't know what I could do wrong, I just did open his image and saw I am blocked :(

I added in the last time a LOT Stock images to my Stock-Fav's I don't know if... I added some of his images and if adding his image as Fav withotu a comment is some kind of rulebreak for him?

Or did I maybe comment and... he didn't liked it`Then I'm really sorry about it, I wanna try to stay friendly here.


Btw. I didn't created and uploaded any image int he last time, so... it can not be the reason that I used anything without credits :<
PetrichorCrown Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Hope its okay if I post a paid opportunity ad here? 

I'm in need of nude reference photographs of some very specific poses (I can provide sketches) of two male models interacting for a painting. Please get in touch if you're interested! Thank you! 
idahojworm Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How do I join this group?
AdorkaStock Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2019
there should be a button to join at the top of the group page :) 
idahojworm Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How did I join group?
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