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Submitting Art

Here is how to correctly submit to our gallery.

Firstly, take note that you can only upload TWO deviations to our gallery per month. This stops the mailboxes from being too cluttered on both ends.

1.When submitting a piece, consider the medium(s) used.
2. Go to our gallery and click the button in the top right hand corner that says 'Submit To This Gallery'
3. Choose between submitting a new deviation, or one that you already have uploaded to your personal dA account.
4. A window will appear within your web browser. At the top it says 'Choose a Deviation- submitting to...' Select the correct category from the drop down list that is situated beside that title.
5. Click on the deviation that you want to submit and then press the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the window.
6. Now sit and wait nervously for us to accept your piece

If ever your submissions are declined it will be for one of these reasons (heck, maybe even all of them! )
1. You have submitted more than your 2 deviation limit
2. You have submitted to the wrong category (eg; submitting a non graphite drawing to the "Feature - pure graphite" category)
3. You have submitted unfinished work (wip, sketch, doodle, etc.)
4. You have submitted a digital piece or a photograph (incl. adding digital paint to a traditional drawing is not accepted either).
5. You have submitted a non-portrait piece. Submissions will show the face (full face or most of face).
6. You have submitted a non-real character. Submissions must be of real people or animals.
7. You have absolutely nothing in your Deviation Description box or only links to outside sites. PLEASE include a list of art mediums used, it speeds up the acceptance process.
8. You have submitted sexually explicit content. While the mature content filter is enabled for anyone under 18, we do not feel that this type of content has a place in this group. Portraits only and keep 'em PG! :)

-- We're a portrait group, so the artwork needs to have the face in full view...preferably just a face (shoulder, neck, etc in view), but we will accept some full body portraits as long as they are "still" portraits. Not action images. Not collages. Not combined or series images.
-- Animal portraits are accepted. :thumbsup:
-- No OC's, animated characters, game characters, etc. A portrait of a real person in character is allowed (eg; Johnny Depp as Cpt Sparrow, Christian Bale as Batman, etc).
-- Submissions must be traditional art, NO parts digitally painted/drawn and extremely limited digital editing. NOT photos overlaid with a slight pencil sketch. Definitely NO pictures with any part edited with photo software to "look" like a drawing or painting.
-- Finished WIP, no life study drawings, etc. Any sketches or studies have to be finished and Portraits.

Gallery Folders

Tom Hiddleston by akumaGUU
Jack Sparrow Ballpoint by ChrisHerreraArt
Thor (Chris Hemsworth) by Ilojleen
Alice Cooper by ochopanteras
Feature -pure graphite-
Tom Hanks Saving private ryan by FredrikEriksson1
Bellisima Lola by cloudmilk
Macaque Selfie by AmBr0
The Old Biker by DochevART
Pencil -graphite- 2
Portrait by Julia-R-Ch
Sophia Loren HB by Daddyo4
Katherine Hepburn Christopher Strong by Daddyo4
Poldark sketchcard by whu-wei
Pencil -graphite- 1
Peter Dinklage by ArtOfApollo
Papa-Agosto-2013 by EugeneTheCounter
Cate Blanchett by Bordjukova
C the dog by gintmfgb
Pencil -colour-
David Bowie colour pencil (Aladdin Sane) re-scan by mchurchill1982
Arrow and Flash (colour pencil) {tv version} by mchurchill1982
Christian Bale 9 by cherrymidnight
Kara Tointon portrait by whu-wei
Watercolour -paint and pencil-
No more sweet songs by rollarius55
Balance of body and soul by rollarius55
Tom Petty by MissKuney
Lucifer Morningstar by Shamaanita
Just married by NashiraManlia
Green Winged Macaw Drawing by AmBr0
Kingfisher by AmBr0
Giraffes by AmBr0
Painting -oil and acrylic and tempera-
Close up portrait by scifo
Fabio e Marti by scifo
Johnny Marr by mikepatterson
The black cat by MarjorieCarmona
Die Hard - Bruce Willis by cfischer83
Rey ~ Star Wars The Last Jedi by cfischer83
Arlas by hwaetmere
Thranduil's nightmares (*The fire suits you*) by hwaetmere
Mixed Media
Let the right one in by MarjorieCarmona
Phillip Taylor by frenziedsilence
Nougat Son by Oceansoul7777
Asmodeus - Supernatural by MeduZZa13
Ink and pen work
Fernan at the court by hwaetmere
Scratchboard and Wood Burning
Zebra Scratchboard by AmBr0
Printmaking and Etching
The Distance Between Us by ErikSuidman
Coffee and Tea work
Coffee Painting - My Brother by GabrielaOlteanu









This is Kathryn, your new Founder. I am honoured to be here!
I'm about to open the group back up for memberships and submissions, so I will reiterate the guidelines for this group:

Memberships are only awarded to those who have art in their gallery which matches our submission rules.
Those rules include:
Traditional portrait work only: graphite, coloured pencil, pastels, charcoal, paints - that sort of thing. We do not accept digital "paintings" or photography.
Finished works only: no works in progress or doodles.
This is a PG group. No nudity will be accepted.
Portraits must include most of the face.
Animals are accepted!
Portraits must be of real people or characters. Movie/show parts played by human actors can be accepted, but nothing based on animation or games, please.

When you submit to our gallery, please pay attention to which medium you have used in your portrait, and submit to that medium's folder! :)

Now that's overwith - enjoy! :D
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