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Final Castle

Final submission of the castle...
It takes me more or less seven months in and out!!! Did it whit MS paint and a lot of patience.:nod:
Have to see full view
I hope you enjoy it!!!!
Favs & comments are much appreciated!!!
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Please Teach me master!
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You are insane
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*jaw hits floor* wow. just wow.
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This is one of the most amazing displays of artistic skill i have seen on this site... I can hardly believe you did this on -Paint-... on Paint?! thats like the simplist program you could've possibly used! props for life, props for life.
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WOW _ NO WORDS . . .

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This is amazing.
This is amazing. I envy your artistic skill and wish it was my own to claim ownership of. Gosh darn your amazing talent! [link]
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Nice, not sure about the inside being paved though, makes it look too uniform and clean.
Faved, this is great work!
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omg that's awsome!!! :D
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well done, makes me nostalgic for those old adventure games.
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shit man! how the hell do you make pixel art!??!?!
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to much details...

it's a great job...

i did a castle myself but this is way much better...
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sos un crack hermano¡¡¡
te felicito
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im impressed
:+fav: again =)
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OMG so realistic :O
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A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!! I can't believe it's been done in Ms Paint :o
chapeau :) !
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amazing detail and quite realistic design:D
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:omg: That's insane man...You must've killed your eyes to make this :wow: I can't stare at MS Paint for such a long time.
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Wow! This makes me wish I could explore your castle in a video game! :D
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