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Dunas Hotel

And yessss another one ....for Pixeldam
Did it with Gale in 30 hours more or less
must see full view

Enjoy it ;)

Edit: I edit the right corner near the swimming pool, because it was look like some Escher effect.
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how did u made this?
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fantastic! but the parking entrance is a perspective error.
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How is this Escher? I don't see the illusion
LToshiio's avatar
wow, so beautiful :wow:
S0lem's avatar
its very very amazing... fantastic
i love your jobs...

but I have an opinion
the entrance for the parking was quaint
I do not believe that form was correct… =)
happip's avatar
ke wai esta o3o yo eske no tengo paciencia para el pixel isometrico x_X es como dibujo tecnico
BITARTZ's avatar
...I wish i could go there. *sobs* :)
escanive's avatar
Great pixel-art as always :+fav:
krynnie's avatar
nicely don! :+dav:
GrandpappyDirt's avatar
Man, you turn these out so fast and they all look incredible! I don't know how you do it.
sahwar's avatar
Whoa, another amazing IPA piece by you! You just have to make an IPA tutorial for the rest of us to have a chance of getting near your level of pixel skills :D :+fav:
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como siempre, sobresaliente pues.

hay algo que no me calza en este block. La rampa del estacionamiento subterraneo, a pesar de que en teoria se ve realmente... isometrica, siento que no reflejamente que la pendiente va en forma descendente, o al menos que se vuelve mas inclinada al entrar bajo el arco de la pared. se me ocurre que quizas agregando una linea blanca mas que hiciera mas evidente el incremento en la inclinacion, o inclusive un auto... por que a simple vista me da la impresion de que la profundidad de la piscina(alberca :P) choca con el tunel en cuestion.
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Cool! :+fav:
I love your works. :heart:
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OMG I should just give up pixeling now, lol. u should so get into architecture, your designs are really innovative and original!
fatlittlenick's avatar
Absolutely amazing...again!
keep up the great work!
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Me fascina! :clap:
Se ve tan solitario el señor que pinta el Hotel :(
Saludos y besitos!

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Gracias mi niña...jejeje si creo que tengo que contratarle un ayudante, aunque sea para que le converse ;) Muchos :hug: :hug: :hug:
Petronieska's avatar
ajajaajja excelente, :D me encantará ver eso :)
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