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December 1, 2007
DAPORTA IN PIXELDAM by *daporta has gathered together his remarkable work of Isometric PixelArt buildings created for Pixeldam. A truly impressive display, well worth taking the extra effort to fully download for the best view.
Featured by ShoneGold
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I can't resist!!!!
I worked hard by the last 2 years making some blocks to Pixeldam, at this moment I did 12 blocks + 1 to Pixelmoom.
Just to see all together I choose the "Lake Sunrise" neighborhood and adapted all to these place. How it looks??
I had a lot of fun doing it, and add some texture to the sand and other details .
Enjoy it ;)
Must to click DOWNLOAD to see in real scale
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Salem-the-Psychic's avatar
Typhoon is the best buliding :3
Volynets's avatar
Wow!!! Hi! I really like your illustration. They are very cool! I can not just break away from them. Can you tell me how you did this illustration?
Or can tell me what to read, to learn how to do so?
spavic's avatar
Wonderful pixelart!
GreenthingZZ's avatar
i came across there first in pixeldam. they are really great - imaginative and beautifully crafted - thanks
DarreToBe's avatar
This is brilliant architectural design (my favourite example would be the upside down house) made visual by awesome pixel skill. The slums are the best in my opinion.
angryannoyance's avatar
Why did pixeldam stop adding stuff?
Indae's avatar
I have just started to reasearch pixel art, after 5 or so years of the same monotonous pencil sketches this seems to be the next step.
Yours appears to be by far one of the best out there on deviant art. And i love the way your peices all mix together like a jigsaw. :D .
As i am new to the art of pixeling (hehe cool word :D), I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to create a tutorial, (or maybe send a link to one that you think does work as good as yours), to get me on the first steps. Or a more detailed one, if you could.

Thank you
Love the art (L)


Broken hearts and lies
but you're gone now
Legacy0's avatar
That is wonderful, I actually was going to comment on all of your fantastic pieces, and now you have saved me the effort! Truly astounding pixel art, you are without doubt one of the best pixel artists I have seen!
celinh0's avatar
i love barrio chapellin!!!
xtomay's avatar
it's awesome! ;]
:+fav: & :+devwatch:
futabi's avatar
<3 It's beautiful! :D I absolutely love the details~ *w*
... had a hard time deciding whcih building I liked best.. XD
The Typhoon is just sooo cute. D:
aquarius-galuxy's avatar
This is really amazing! I love the detail in this piece, so much so that I can't decide which house I like best. =P
jungbertbela's avatar
Awesome detailed work! Good colors, and everything. Good job!
PharaonicWolf's avatar
Wow! This reminds me of an old video game I used to play that involved creating a town. It brings back great memories. Nice job, man.
c4c0d3m0n's avatar
This is indeed one hell of an awesome piece of isometry :D I tried making some isometric art myself, it's so much work. This is really nice!
billy-quicksilver's avatar
That is SOOOOOO coool :D
brennennn's avatar
Another DD for you! It's well deserved--you are one of my favourite pixel artists, and I've always kept a close eye on your gallery from afar. Well done on a great piece of artwork, and your DD!
ScumIcons's avatar
youre a major inspiration to me i love it
xosofine02's avatar
Very impressive. You went the extra mile and put extensive detail in your work! You deserve the DD :)
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