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Politics, Skull Chatter, Inc.


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Judge Roy Bean

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August 10, 2007

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Know Your Politics by genkistamps

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:bulletred:Politics; political. Since we believe in the Freedom of Speech, we believe every political view has a right to be expressed, so long as the discourse is civil, void of profanity, and remains diplomatic.
:bulletred: This Group does not belong to any single Admin, but to every Member! If any voice has not been heard, it is because YOU chose to remain silent!
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Jul 30, 2010


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August 09, 2007--
This Club is deviantART's first, and oldest,
Forum-Related Community Club. A lot of
Members have put in a lot of hard work over
the years to bring you this Club. Let's keep
it going by contributing Political Art, Blogs,
and Constructive Critique and Commentary.


[Link] Official dA Politics Forum

What is an (OP) Original Post?

Providing Resources Proudly Since Sep 16, 2007


I want to take a brief moment to thank all of the elected officials (the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Senators, Congressmen/women, Judges, Lawyers, Secretaries,), and all of the Ambassadors, writers, editors, artist, and everyone else who had worked so hard over the years to make this experiment such a success.

We were the very first Forum-based Group, the largest, the longest lasting, and had the best political art on deviantART.  Everyone who came after us modeled themselves after us.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all that they contributed.

Judge Roy Bean, Founder of the PoliticalForumClub
What does his inaugeration tomorrow mean to you?  Do you bless and praise it, or curse and fear his taking the Oath of Office?  Will you watch and cheer his taking the oath, or actively protest
The news out of Cuba is that Fidel Castro has died. Confirmed by his brother Raul, Castro's remains will be cremated.

His death marks the end of an era in many ways, and Fidel will remain a controversial figure for many years to come. Certainly, he is reviled by many in the Exile community. There is likely much celebrating in Miami and elsewhere. To many across Latin America and the developing world, he was a hero and icon of opposition to US Imperialism. He will be mourned wherever such persons are found.

That is all.
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Gallery Folders

Gunfight At OK Corral by SwordOfScotland
When The Sun Goes Down In Arizona, I by SwordOfScotland
Gunfight At Ok Corral by DAPoliticalForum
Communist Party USA Wisconsin District by The-Necromancer
01. Photography
Climate March 1 by RedAmerican1945
Jo Cox Mural by Teakster
Among Crowd by kombizz
02. Literature
John Kenneth Galbraith on socialism and capitalism by YamaLama1986
03. Political Cartoons
Bully by ThePhilosophicalJew
Living with hipstergirl and gamergirl 319 by JagoDibuja
Russia Calling: Putin Biohazard Matryoshka Doll. by BuckleyTypographics
Victory to the YPG and SDF! by RedAmerican1945
04. Flags
Defy #ReferendumCatalan by CHIN2OFF
No olvideis a Barcelona by Mao2018
Loyalty Beyond Borders Flag by BritanniaLoyalist
LGBT flag letters by Akhnaton-II
05. Digital Art
Chancellor of Chaos by OdditiesByErnie
Haters are haters - worldwide by gkuehn
Kurdistan by misext
Dr. Abdul  Rahman Ghassemlou by chiyaqadri
06. Conceptual Art
guerra hibrida by hardriff
OIL KILLS by scifilicious
Catalunya Lliure by OBDspro
RAGE! by scifilicious
07. Traditional Art
To Liberals by RedAmerican1945
Olof Palme by RedAmerican1945
Kubomoa by Art-Plus
Cri (2) by Khosmoss
I'm Conservative and Support LGBT rights by ThePhilosophicalJew
I support ex-Muslims by victauron
Stamp Social Ecology by Clawfiren
Good Night Right Side Ernst Thaelmann by moenchii
09. MAPS, Charts, Graphs
The Geographic Center of the Dust Bowl by Kajm
Khedivate of Egypt by saracennegative
How I View My Nation by ColumbianSFR
United Islamic States - 2045 by FametSuri
10. Posters
GRENZENLOS by geiselkirchen
12. PhotoJournalism


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After all, Russia does have some geo-political clout, has a direct and indirect impact on European and American policy, etc...
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