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HTML5 Logos and Badges by daPhyre HTML5 Logos and Badges by daPhyre
I couln't find any JS5 logo/badge on the web. Yes, many HTML5 and CSS3, but no JS5. So I decided to make mine, pack it up with one ZIP, and share it with the world. You don't know where these come from? Just read ahead:

HTML5: Everyone on the web is talking about it! The new HTML specifications allow us to have audio, video, interactive apps and more, with no need of plugins! Say goodbye to old Applets and Flash, and live the future now, fast, and from every modern device, from desktops, to tablets and mobiles!

CSS3: With new amazing features, styling the web was never easier and fun. Now you can make effects like round borders and shading, as well as transformations and animations, all with simple instructions. It's even easier than flash!

JS5: Also known as "JavaScript Strict" is based on EcmaScript 5, making the web safier with better coding. And with the integration to the new specs, fills the web with infinity possibilities to make with the web whatever we want!

The original HTML5 Logo, HTML5 Badge and CSS3 Badge where created by the W3C and can be found at In the site, the add:

This HTML5 logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 — all are free to use and reimagine as they see fit.

To keep the fun rolling on, I put this CSS3 Logo, JS5 Logo and JS5 Badge under the same license! So download the ZIP file (Containing both SVG and PNG images), and use them as you please!

I carefully took every detail text-coded on the SVG files, to keep continuity with the original Logos & Badges. I hope you can find them useful. Thank you for sharing the love on the web!
ag447448 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2015
Dear Daphyre, do you have only the logos whit mark only? If you have please, send me the svg files. Thank you so much.
daPhyre Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Download the zip file, it contains all PNGs and SVGs you might need.
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June 24, 2013
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