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YBYB - Minako, R2

You Bet Your Brain! - Minako (Round 2)


Incorrectly answering a question in Round 2 penalised - or won - Minako a rather impressive tan and a neat new bra.

Edit: Adjusted skin colour again, added lipstick.


"Minako" belongs to her player.

The RP can be found on the Bimbo Boutique Forum: [link]
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Much better, I wasn't trying to be nitpicky. I just didn't want to have people question when our great roleplay is archived to have people wonder if I was black or Asian.
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Nah, that's alright, I appreciated the feedback :D
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Very nice, like the middle cleavage effect. Skin is kind of dark it's hard to tell I'm still Asian but it's a nice ambiguity.
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Yeah, deciding on exactly how to do the tan was difficult without making it too hard to tell your ethnicity.

I've actually changed it, what do you think now?