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YBYB - Amanda, R2

You Bet Your Brain! - Amanda (Round 2)


Amanda was the only player to change significantly between Rounds 1 and 2, where for her position in last place she won herself a fun new outfit!

It's latex (of course) and partially translucent - which is why you can see her *ahem* nipples through it. I used the previous picture as the base for this one purposefully, if you were wondering why they're similar.


"Amanda" belongs to her player.

The RP can be found on the Bimbo Boutique Forum: [link]
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It might be, depends when you were following along. I started a new one in March after the original thread died out when the GM and a couple of the players stopped posting.

The current one is onto the second Round, coming back after a short break. We're currently looking for someone to replace a missing player but this week we'll be continuing regardless if you had any interest in following along or even playing.
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Don't apologise, that's quite alright.

If nothing else you'll get to see the progress the girls make on my DA page anyway, since I'll be "visually documenting" the RP ;)