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...And Slutty

Sequel to [link]


And here's little miss Plain after she got herself a bit of a makeover if you catch my drift... ;)

Shockingly, the breasts are fake too, if you're wondering why the shape is a tad unbelievable.

If you'd care to comment, I'd appreciate it! :D

EDIT: Looking over this again, I decided I'd just drop the tan line completely.
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Is that a tattoo on her chest?
Daphnaie's avatar
Either that or it's written in permenant marker, whichever one you'd prefer it to be.
I love both ideas! I think i'll stick with a tattoo though :)
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I realize you said it was a tan line, but it looks a bit as if she's wearing a bra that has a nipple on the outside of each cup. Maybe if the inner breast shape lines (the V shape lines) were extended just a bit further into the lighter skin (though that might make the breast shape more unbelieveable), OR if the lighter skin's neckline were just a bit higher, it'd seem just a bit more logical to my eyes.

Not that I'm suggesting it be changed, just something to keep in mind should this scenario ever re-present itself.
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Yeah, I see what you mean. I'll see if I can change it, but the way I coloured it may make it too obvious I've changed it when I do. We'll see, in any case it's something to keep an eye on if the situation ever presents itself ;P

Oh, and given how unrealisticly people draw breasts on DA it may have not been clear - the breasts are like that because they're fake. As you may be able to see from "Plain" I've been trying to draw the breasts otherwise realisticly and I've found from research (yeah, I know) that fake breasts often do look like that.

Thanks for taking the time to comment :D