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Queen of Witches
Queen of the Witches: not a permanent position, but it happens to excite me all the same.
With a crown on my head and a Broom in my hand, I look gorgeous in golden portrait frame.
Through my large Crystal Ball, I can monitor the wall, keep an eye on the villains to the east.
And my Wand can I wave and the tables will be made and the Kingdom will join me in Sabat feast.
With my Broom I will fly and my sword sheathed nigh, I'll arrive to the border at the north.
I'll expand my realm past the forest full of elm and my wooden steed will take me ever forth.
All my subjects will stare at my magic castle there in the Wicked Windy Witchy Willow Wood.
And I'll cast a spell and I'll ring the Altar Bell to consecrate my kingdom for the Good.
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Makeup and Mothers
Sera  put on her bra & breast forms again, pointing straight up & peaking out of the bra. She turned around to face Emma.
"Hon," Emma started with a smile. "The breast forms aren't supposed to show outside of the bra." She took each breast form out and put it back, pointing them toward the shoulder strap of the bra. "There. Now take off your boxers. I'm going to teach you to tuck."
"Tuck?" Sera asked still hating her voice, removing her loose men's underwear. "What's that!"
"Hiding the unwanted package, dear." From one of her bags, she removed something small and white. "This" she said, holding it by the waist band. "Is a gaff. You slip it on and erections mean nothing, spontaneous or otherwise."
"It'll stop erections?" Sera asked upon being handed the soft white underwear.
"No, just hide them. You will continue to get erections until you get surgery down there, although spontaneous ones will stop when you're on hormones. Now put them on, push your balls up into groin, & stick you
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Sergio Cantore had no idea what she was doing. she kept cutting herself with the razorblade as she shaved her chest and legs, she never really knew how to apply makeup, and braiding her hair could be equated to stringing pearls without a knot at the end. Nevertheless, she put on her bra, putting the pointed end of her teardrop silicone breastforms straight up, before finally putting on her dress that she made by hand And her favorite black heels.
Sergio had come out as transgendered only a month ago and really needed help. She thanked God for her friend Emma who had been out for 3 years. She hadn't started transition, but she passed every day. Now she was coming to help Sergio.
Sergio had never dressed up in front of anyone before and the thought was very exciting. She jumped out of her seat when the doorbell rang.
"Hey, hon!" Emma called out! The girl was carrying a few bags, but enough to make getting through the door difficult.
"Hi, Emma!" Sergio greeted. She didn't like her bass vo
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Those who practice Wicca know that the outdoors are sacred and that worshipping in a forest or by a stream is the Wiccan equivalent to large opulent cathedrals. Well, I had just such a place within walking distance of my house and decided it would be a good place to worship. 

It was all well hidden away in the forest adjacent to the Catholic parish where I had grown up; before I converted to Wicca the Church had been my sanctuary. When things got bad at home, a janitor allowed me to stay the night there. When I was sad and felt like no one understood me, the Church was my safe haven and I prayed there a lot. I had been baptized there, had my first confession there, my first holy communion there, my confirmation there, my middle school graduation there, and I kinda wish I could have my wedding there. The place is very sacred to me, even now after my conversion to Eclectic Wicca.

So a week ago, I packed a little secondary altar in a black faux leather camera bag and performed a ceremony of consecration out there. After the ritual, I packed everything up and hung it on a tree branch hanging over the circle of stones and sticks forming a pentacle in the ground. It was covered by a white plastic bag to protect it from the elements. 

All was at peace in that sacred spot...or so I thought.

Today, I went back to put some colored candles and a candle holder in the bag when much to my surprise, everything was scattered everywhere. The sticks forming the pentacle had been kicked around. The contents of the black camera bag all over the ground excepting a broken candle glass and my holy water container which had been emptied. Labels on candles had suffered water damage, my chalice was broken at the handle, my salt container had been opened and poured out, and my wand was sticking out of the ground with its handle in the air. Broken glass was all over the ground. My lighter, a harmonica, a recorder, my altar bell, and altar cloth were all a few feet removed from the rest of the wreckage in different directions, and my athame was nowhere to be found.

Who would do this? Why would anyone do this? What harm have I done to deserve this?

Among my spiritual guides is the same Jesus of Nazareth whom I was brought up to worship. He once said, "There are two great commandments. The first is that you shall love the LORD with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength. And the second is that you shall love your neighbor as yourself."

I thank the gods that I didn't lose everything; that I didn't have to start all over again from scratch on my portable altar, but my good fortune seems to end there. I now feel as though I am in danger; that there is no safe place to worship for a witch like me.


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