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End of Party-Time Mint-als

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Published: August 7, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 DaOldHorse
A scene from Kkat´s MLP:FIM and Fallout crossover fanfiction Fallout Equestria. It is from chapter 20, when Littlepip decided to end with taking Party-Time Mint-als because of all the bad it caused.
During drawing I made a mistake in the scene - Homage should be behind the door when Littlepip levitated the last tin of drugs.
Well, the perspective of the room isn´t drawn very well, I still have problems with it.

Littlepip and Homage belong to Kkat.
MLP:FIM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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I apologize if this offends any of you, but this is my least favorite scene in Fallout:Equestria. Or at least, the whole party-time mint-al addiction is my least favorite thing in fallout:Equestria.
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Its OK, I am not offended. It had to be one of the worst parts of the main character´s life.
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Rancor-PalmachHobbyist General Artist
Cocaine's a hell of a drug...
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Homage must be all like "Why the (censor) are you crying over a toilet"
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:D :D Thyt would be a great comment of hers if it were in the book :D
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i remember this scene... *sniff* *sniff* BWAAAAAAAAA!
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Igors20Hobbyist Writer
I hate... I HATE critisizing art that is better than my own. BUT! I must say that PTM's come in tins, not in bottles. Wonderful job on the scene though!
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I know, you are right. When I played Fallout, I thougt that Mint-alls were packaget in a cardboard box. Then when reading FO:E and saw the word "tin", I thougt there was a change made. I am mostly thinkin of tins having cylindlical shape. It simply didn´t came ino my mint that the Mint-alls packages in the game supposet be made of metal (tin).
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Message from Kkat:

Beautiful. The coloring is wonderful. The emotion in the image makes my heart ache. :hug:
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Thank you so much. I am rally happy you like my picture and it is honour for me. I can say that Fallout Equestria has became one of my top favourite books (if not the most favourite).
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<3 Love it! love FoE stuff

Excellently drawn.
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SilentCartoHobbyist Artist
Unfortunately, Littlepip's Pipbuck is on the wrong leg and oriented wrong. (Imagine trying to look at the screen right-side-up like that.) And as much as I like the fishnet thing, Homage kinda wears clothes specifically to conceal her cutie mark...
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OK, thanks for letting me know about those mistakes. I will have it in my mind when drawing next time.
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lol1759Student Digital Artist
is that a toaster at her hoofs? LOL.
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No no, it is a bag.
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lol1759Student Digital Artist
oh :(, would have been an epic reference...
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digitalbronyHobbyist General Artist
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Thanks...and sorry for that little spoiler.
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digitalbronyHobbyist General Artist
:P Nah, it's alright.
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;-; I had a good cry at this scene. Well done!
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Thank you. It must be a horrible feeling for Littlepip.
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*nodnods* But Homage was there for her! So it's good in the end.
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Dem fishnet sleeves
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