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Deviation Actions

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Q: What does DAOCC stand for?

A: Deviant Art Original Characters Club.

Q: Can I submit [...]?

A: Read the rules located on the front page or below.
The Folder Descriptions are also just below, which specify in more detail what can be submitted and where. 

Q: Can I become a contributor?

A: If you're asking this - then most likely. Since the revamp of moderation in the group, we just need people who can try and help keep the gallery going via adding some folders when full, removing problematic content when spotted, etc.

Q: May I affiliate our groups? What about tournaments? [2022: If these are still things here on dArt!]

A: Sure! As long as your group is based on something to do with original characters. Groups for your original project, groups for OC tournaments, etc are more than welcome! If you're not sure if it would be similar enough, feel free to ask. :)

Q: [Moderator] has been excessively rude to me, who should I report them to?/Who do I report stolen artwork too?

A: That'd be me, NuciComs~! Be sure to provide links (preferred) or screenshots of the situation.

If you think of question, feel free to share~!

Folder Descriptions: [2022 Update]

  • Featured: This gallery is for deviations that the moderators of the group have decided deserve special attention. This gallery cannot be submitted to directly.
  • Original - For original characters not associated to any fandom universe.
  • Fandom - For characters made as a fan of the series/universe they're associated with.
  • Literature - Anything that is primarily for reading purpose; original stories for the characters, data sheets, etc.
  • For Sale - YCH, Adoptables, Original Bases, Commission Pricelists... etc.
  • Mature Content - Whether fandom or original, if it's for mature audiences-- post it here.
  • Misc - Scenes, props, doodled memes, etc -- post it here.
  • Archives: These galleries are full or now unused. They are there for browsing purposes and cannot be submitted to anymore.


 **outdated translations** Reglas en español! :: Règles en français! ::

:target: We have absolutely 0 tolerance for rudeness.

If you are rude for no valid reason, you will be banned promptly. Our admins are here to help you. We are respectful to everyone and we expect that back. Though confrontations are very, very rare, we believe it is necessary to post a warning regardless.
Thank you.

What to Submit:

  • We accept any kind of art, craft, or creative work of your Original Characters!

How to Submit:

  • Merely join the club by clicking the button at the top titled "join our group"
  • Click to browse the gallery.
  • Click on the appropriate folder, and once inside, click "contribute to this folder."
  • Then either upload a deviation, or contribute one you've already uploaded.

General Rules:

  1. No traced/edited work claimed as your own. 
  2. Submissions must include original characters, they cannot be just fanart of canon characters. 
  3. Artwork you commissioned/group efforts of art (i.e. collabs) of original characters your account has permission to upload is fine, as long as there is credit to the creators in the description. 

Mature Content:

  1. NO Unfiltered Mature Works.
  2. NO extreme fetish/erotic art. - This includes breast expansion, boobs big enough to crush children, squirting, etc. A little bit is fine, but if it's seemingly solely for erotic purposes, take it elsewhere. Sorry guys. There are plenty of specialty groups!
  3. NO obvious sex scenes, please. - Cropping naughty bits isn't discreet enough, either. DA states it isn't allowed in the submission policy. So if it somehow is allowed to stay up, please don't share it here since this group can have minors as well. 

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