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Sketch commissions are 50USD each just send me a note:
Taking these to pay a few meds as I don't wanna rely on donations anymore and prefer to work myself ;v;

Number of characters: 
Paypal email:

Samples:  Sketch commissions 01 by danzzilasketch commissions #02 (HELP) by danzzila

Paypal me->

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How are you doing? I hope you're doing better 
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danzzilaProfessional Digital Artist
Just had exams yesterday have to get new ones in a month! Not much progress, got new meds and we will see how it works out in a month!
You're still in my prayers
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PorceleanHobbyist Digital Artist
Oml I come back to deviant art where I actually read journals and sees that Dan is having trouble T A T donations are on tha way. I'm going to share this too!
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danzzilaProfessional Digital Artist
Awww thank you so much dear! :heart::heart::heart:
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DannyHorseRulesHobbyist Filmographer
would you do nsfw or is that a no-no?
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danzzilaProfessional Digital Artist
I would!
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DannyHorseRulesHobbyist Filmographer
👀 👀 👀 interesting... i’ll come back in a few days!!
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Cold-CreatureHobbyist Digital Artist
Are sketch commissions still open, Dan? 
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I am so glad you are getting better. I hope your conditions improves more with treatment ~ ❤

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struck3XbylightningProfessional Digital Artist
Sent you some money via GoFundMe, and some through ANZ so you can get it ASAP. Hope your treatment goes well!
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SkunkyflyHobbyist Digital Artist
we are glad to hear an update from you danz~! at least something start to move <3
we wish you the best luck for your commission~~ :hug:
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Na-Han-LiProfessional Digital Artist
This is a good update! Its good to see your on the up and a little more optimistic! I want to keep spreading the word to help you to be able to fund your expenses, and i hope even as you go on and tackle your ups and downs in this journey, you can still look back at how strong you are even if  you dont feel you are in the moment. I hope you stay strong and i hope the support you receive online and irl sticks with you bc youre an amazing artist and person! You can do this and dont push yourself too hard. Its going to be a long journey and a lot of change in the way you are going to have to go about your life, but there is still going to be wonder, amazement, and plenty of joy ahead! Wishing you the best and keeping you in my thoughts for you to recover more and more 
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Karebear-4everHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so so glad to hear things are getting better for you! Even this journal sounds more cheerful than the last couple!
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RedKisuruHobbyist Digital Artist
So glad you're doing a bit better! 
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D-structive Digital Artist
Glad to know you feel a bit better.
Hang in there,okay?
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You definitely sound a little better. Its good to "hear" you sounding better and more optimistic. Wishing you the best and will still be praying for you, my friend. 
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