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Please specially if I own you a commission read this:

I hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe with everything that’s happening in the world!

So I’m messaging all my followers and commissioners to inform an inconvenient incident! Some of you might know that a month ago I was having issues with my tablet device, a cintiq companion, specifically the charging port was not working properly. For a few weeks I managed to make it charge somehow, however, the past weeks it just started charging when the tablet was turned off, so basically, I had to use it until the battery drained completely and had to wait for it to fully charge again to keep using it. Apparently this is a common issue with this tablet model.

Unfortunately last week the charging port broke completely, it won’t charge at all, the port feels loose when I try to plug the charger into it, so I guess there’s no way for myself to fix it or manage to make it work. I’ve contacted wacom support and since there’s no wacom store where I live, I’d have to send it abroad, pay for shipping and to fix it as the tablet was bought second hand and it’s no longer on warranty! This would cost too much and I’m not sure how long it would take all the process of shipping, waiting for repair and getting it back with the COVID-19 outbreak going on and all the borders closed delaying shipping services. The only and better option I have is purchasing a new tablet! This might take a couple weeks more as I’ll have to order one online! I also still don’t have the funds so I might be opening special commissions for that, however, I’ll be asking for a way longer deadline as I still have a commission list to finish and will still have to work to pay my bills and buy food, as you all know I draw for a living.

So I’m here to apologize the delay on my commission orders, and want to kindly ask a little bit more patience! I’ll be posting here when and what type of new commission orders I’ll be taking and would kindly appreciate if you could help me out sharing if you don’t plan to order, it would help me a lot!

Love you all and keep safe!

Thank you!


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Awww I'm sorry to here that happened! If any of those commissions are still available or haven't been posted yet I'd be super interested in snagging one! Or being pinged/notified!

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Rapirisu Digital Artist

Ah man, that sucks, sorry to hear. I really hope things get cleared up for you swiftly!

I'll keep my eyes open for those potential commissions, I don't have much but I've bought some stuff from you before and it was always amazing <3