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Play dirty

Commission! Maybe Mawile thought stealing its trainer's sneakers would help them win the game! 
I've been catching up on work after my accident back in January so expect to see new art often!
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This is  pretty interesting concept. 
Instead of having pokemon battling each other or god forbid, glorified pet padgents. They have them compete in different sports... :)
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There was the Pokeathlon in HeartGold and SoulSilver. :) (Smile)

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i met you for like 1 minute and instant watch
h0ujun's avatar
I want something like this!!! :P
Really nice!
Sexy-Jenna69's avatar
who is that girl?
Kumokotsu's avatar
Love the HunterxHunter shirt. XD

Also, Espeon is my favorite eeveelution.
moonbaby17's avatar
Oh my gosh, my hair is like that! An hombre (man in Spanish) can get ombré hair if he wants to. ;)
actuallybastilashan's avatar
Yep. Deffo rooting for Lucario here. Fantastic artwork here, btw.
JoshStudios's avatar
*Joshcario rooting for Lucario*
kindofawolf's avatar
Oh wow! This looks just like the cartoon! Wonderful job!
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