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Magikarp photobomb

By danzzila
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Commission! A marriage proposal is even better while enjoying some holidays at Disneyland with your Pokemon buddies! I've been catching up on work after my accident back in January so expect to see new art more often!
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ooooh so cutee
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This is beautiful, and I do hope that people commission you more of wonderful things like this! Your art is amazing and it is great to see you back :)
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Hi! How much do you charge for a photo like this? My fiance and I would love to have one for our wall!!! Can you change the Pokémon that are in the picture?

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Hi there! Send me a note for details please!
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I would like kind of the same idea here. i could send you a pic of my fiancé and I and 3 Pokémon each? Maybe do a different background theme.

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Just sent you a note! Otherwise you can email me at lisboaygorpp@gmail.com
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Great work. How's things going?
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Going better! I'll post an update soon! Thanks for asking <3
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What did this happen for you?
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Oh wow this is gorgeous! I love the poses, and the little Treecko is super cute too :)
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Congratulations for finding a new way to touch this romantic soul!

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So this takes place in the Pokemon equivalent of Hong Kong? Interesting backdrop and awesome work!

Also, glad you're recovery is going better than before! Wish you the best of luck in your future!
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Thats the castle from Disneyland Hong Kong. Every Disneyland has a different castle.
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Actually. This castle is from Anaheim, California.

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i love how blastoise is just as hyped as the girl :D
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