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Just casually going grocery shopping

*Edit: I don't know why DA is killing the quality of the picture wtf.

Another commission.
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An epic quest to 7Eleven!

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Yeah i also bring out about 35 pokemons, 15 shinies and 10 legendaries just to go shopping
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A black Jolteon! Wicked!
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The black jolteon is something I absolutely want
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Add a line of 1px transparency to the edge of the picture to keep DA from using Jpeg resolutions and instead using your original png.
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I that a Mega Lapras? There's a Mega Banette, so it shouldn't be, but it looks so different and cool that I assumed it was a mega.
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DA uses jpegs instead of pngs to store artwork now and it kills quality
but this looks awesome regardless!
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Gorgeous as always! The water and rocks are honestly my favorite parts. I love all the detail you put into background stuff, without getting too crazy. It's so refreshing.

I wish I wasn't such a starving artist myself, so I could help donate! I tell anyone I know whenever I see it pop up, but we scrape by every month so I gotta pinch every penny. x'I
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Incredible as always! Everyone here looks so dynamic, and it reminds me why I like Hydreigon so much!
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Dat Jolteon 0o0
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Gorgeous work as usual Dan. I hope you're feeling ok. 
Love your use of colours and the movement of every character. Feels like everything is about to start moving! 
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Amazing pic as always, very impressive. I'm puzzled by the title though haha. When you think about it, imagine the cost of food for these fellas !

I really like the water and the way the Banette is riding with so much swag !
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