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Yay! I'm now the proud owner of a digital camera. Tis good. Nothing more to say about that. :-D
Kind of disappointing to submit stuff and no one looks at it...
Well, got my film developed but most of the pictures are useless, since I forgot that they are from a Christmas party our class had. Then there are some really badly shook photos along the style of the Snow shot and some of my Dad and a couple of myself.
So all in all, failure. Just had three I could upload and I really only like one of those (SunTree).
I seriously need that digital camera...
I need to get my latest film developed so I can post some photographs. What I wouldn't give to have a digital camera...
Except, I don't think I can afford it right now. :(
Think this one's a keeper. At least for a while. Made it from my drawing of Angie and messed with it in PhotoShop so it looks good in the tiny format. 50x50 isn't a whole lot of space, y'know?
I'm satisfied, though. Not gonna worry about making an icon for a while now..
Not very pretty or particularly well-thought-of. Just something I brewed together in PhotoShop to replace the old one that I was getting really tired of looking at.
Maybe I'll make another new one when I feel up to it.. :P
I have a connection again. :) I have had for a couple of weeks, actually... But I haven't done any art-work lately worth uploading, so I'm just randomly putting poetry and old stuff on here. So keep on browsing through my gallery, heh!
I miss being able to upload new stuff...
Pleaze keep commenting on the old ;)
.. For a while anyway.
I'm moving and will be losing my Internet connection and thus my opportunity of submitting art to my gallery. *le sigh*
Dunno when I'll be back, but I hope it'll be soon. :|
Never thought I'd actually post something as wallpaper.. It's just not my style. But my background for my website's poetry section didn't seem to fit in any other category, so that's where it went. Funny that.. Five minutes after I posted it, it'd already gotten 28 views, but now it's slowed, of course.
I'm an attention whore. I like getting views on my works, and especially comments. I refresh time and time again just to see how many have seen it now and if someone else have commented, and get disappointed if no one has.
Sad, isn't it?
I think I've gone slightly nuts with this DA button contest. So far, I've made 3 and the contest doesn't end till August 1st. I can still make plenty more. I'm having lots of fun creating these things, especially since I have PhotoShop now, and don't have to fiddle with things in Photo Editor or MS Paint.
So, yeah, it's fun, but I doubt I'll win anything. Geez, I've seen the other entries and some of 'em are just fantastic! Still, it's fun and maybe I'll fill up my gallery with buttons :D
I took the last shot of the roll of film in my camera. Shops are closed tomorrow, so I won't be turning it in for development until Tuesday.
Look forward to new photos from me. Hope they turn out good...

:pencil: danzka
Welcome to the desert of the Real
No one's commenting on my stuff anymore. Not that they were before. I wonder if there's a clique-thing going on here? Or if only colorful artwork gets commented on. Because I decided to not do colors anymore. Well, apart from photos. I'll be posting a couple soon, I think. I need to get the film developed first and see how they came out...
My drawing aren't that popular, though. Or my poetry.
*Le sigh*

:pencil: danzka
Welcome to the desert of the Real
I guess 'shouting' works. I did it a few times, and now my Angie sketch has 102 views, which I think is very satisfying :D
And, yeah, I was very tired last time I posted in my journal. I'm definitely not disappointed anymore :lick:
Finished my sketch of Angie, submitted and (as I write this) have gotten 28 views and one comment. Could be I'm just tired and therefore emotional, but I would have hoped for more with a piece I worked so hard on. A piece that I'm really happy with.
I'm just a little disappointed right now :cry:
Maybe I'll feel better after some sleep? :sleepy:
Well, I submitted the more-shaded version of Angie with no hair, but I see now that it still needs more shading. And a bit more outlining too, though I think that'll work itself out once I do the background (which will be dark). Still afraid of doing the hair, though. :worry:
Just scanned my half-finished drawing of Angie. Need to shade it harder, thanks to my lousy scanner, which doesn't pick up light shading... :|
I'll shade the drawing some more, scan it again. Then attempt to do the hair. That scares me. I'm not any good at hair :worry:
Well... After doing lots of character drawing in color (using color pencil), and looking through old b/w drawings, I decided that I'm gonna concentrate on the b/w's again. Doing colors just doesn't work for me. Apart from not coming out right, they don't scan well either. :(
I'm impressed.
21 views on a thing I doodled while watching TV... :O
The Eye of the Beholder is more popular than I would have expected.
And it's now 9:45 am, I haven been to bed yet and really sleepy, so I'm gonna try and catch some zzz's. :sleepy:
Goodnight... errr, -morning. :blushes:
Getting commented on your stuff is great. :}