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Leywen by danzka Leywen by danzka
A character drawing of my Harper's Tale RPG alt Leywen. Coloring's not too good because my scanner doesn't pic it up too well (colors, that is). Done with pencil alone and then tweaked a bit in my lousy graphics program... :P (Razz)
the-wanderer Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2002
I like aaranasvoice's comment and I'm with her on that.
This is a pretty good drawing, but you can make it much better. The colouring is good, shame about the scanner.
The best scanner settings, well at least the one I usually use and one which I believe would be good for web images, is 150dpi and scan it in 100% or in other words original size.
That is a well drawn face, but it is a stereo type of a face, drawing a real face is different and drawing from reality is a step you must take in order to open yourself up and tap into your potential. You will enjoy it more once you get the hang of it, it will be frustrating in the beginning, but then again, you might enjoy it from the start.
aaranasvoice Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002
She's well drawn but overly stylistic. I confess to falling under this as well. You learn to draw something a specific way, so you keep doing it. Don't get me wrong, she's well drawn, but she's not as realistic as she might be. Sit in front of a mirror and sketch, get your friends to sit for you, draw ordinary objects, from magazines, copy, copy and copy. I know it doesn't sound terribly origional, but it'll get you to the point where you're capable to draw on your own in a realistic style. It's the only way to do it, unfortuantely. In order to allow your talent to emerge, you have to keep at it. Idealism can only become part of your work once you've learned to draw the grotesque as well as the very pretty. All and all a nice drawing, but not as good as it could be with some work put into it and the artist. Keep it up, and you'll get results.

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February 1, 2002
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