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DaliPhant by danzka DaliPhant by danzka
Last from London.
A Dali-statue of an 'Elephant'. Taken outside some museum we passed on out way to the Eye.
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the-wanderer Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2002
I was in that area when they had the Dali exhibition. Nice shot, the buildings in the background look like a miniature city and the elephant's like godzilla walking all over them, destroying them, the lamp can be a rocket, aimed at it's bollocks, ready to end the monsters terror ;) (Wink)
Nice picture, I like the sky and the placement of the statue in relation to everything behind and around it.
danzka Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002
OK... Um, I'm gonna have to just say that I've done nothing with this picture. No tweaking, no adding stuff, no nothing. All I've done is take a photo of a sculpture I saw when in London in November 2001. That's it!
It IS a sculpure of Dali's, set up along with others along the Thames.
Just a tourist photo really.. :| (Mad)

girliegirl Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002
Hehe, i personally thought the same thing while looking at the thumbnail. That someone cropped Dali's painting.....=) (Smile) You should be've defianatly captured Dali's likeness in this picture! And we all know how much of an artistic genius he is. =P (Razz) Great job on an overall great pic!

I hope to hell that there isnt a :Sex for Dummies: book out....the last thing we need is to be teaching idiots how to reproduce...: Moo - Colorless//Sky
tulkas Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002  Hobbyist Artist

"I don't take drugs, I am drugs"
Salvador Dali.
sentience Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002
Striking! Like those before me I too thought this an Image of Dali's but after closer inspection I realize that it a piece of your own unique design. I love the use of the Lamp post and the city background and the pyramid that mimics and emulates the angles of the buildings in the background. I always love unusual juxtapositions of objects.

Trully a fantastic piece!


ramseslg Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002   Interface Designer

its fat man :) (Smile) me likes a lot
dark-euridice Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002

When I saw the thumbnail, (that little image) I though : "this is Dalí´s or someone is imitating him" .... so I clicked on it and I understood that someone likes Dalí as much as I do and have clicked over his image too .... :) (Smile)
It´s beautiful, thnx

Black Rose Dark Eurídice Black Rose
trina Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002

I love this. Not only is that a great photo but WHAT it is of.

Strikingly beautiful :) (Smile)

Trina Kitty-chan

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January 30, 2002
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