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Epic Win

By danzilla3
I thought this would be a nice companion piece to the Epic Fail motivator. Enjoy!!!
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Little did that Zebra know, there was two lionesses waiting behind two boulders with a trip wire, this one was just leading him into a trap.
TheRaginLion's avatar
Is How We Do It In The Hood!
Zebra: Survival of the fittest and Natural Selection MY ASS!
SilviaStarlight5's avatar
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Seriously, that is what I did
TheRaginLion's avatar
until it runs out of gas 
YU-GI-OMG's avatar
Shit, he'd be miles away by then.
jasonthedarkwerewolf's avatar
Zebra: lol bitch!

lion: * breathing hard * fuck!
YU-GI-OMG's avatar
PlatinKevKev's avatar
Zebra : lol bite me lion 
Spotlles's avatar
looooool wtf? XDDD hahahaha
EpicShotgun's avatar
Zebra: Dust is your lunch today*Troll Face*
Loin: @#$^ you %$#@!%$#@*
UKD-DAWG's avatar
Ain't catching me today, bitch! Ha ha!
ninjaboy240's avatar
Then it runs out of gas
Bloodspill2117's avatar
Yeah epic win for the zebra epic fail for the lioness
Imfamous9's avatar
Zebra: Get me now, @%#$!!!!!
PathofTheAwesomePie's avatar
:squee: Wow..... If that Zebra had helmet... a striped jacket, and girl Zebra.... he's be one awesome some of Zebra!!!!!!!!!!! :squee:
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