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The Witcher - Times of Contempt

By danyiart
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A hungarian edition book cover is published in Hungary called 'The Witcher - Times of Contempt' and this is
my first book cover.

Noticed: I've painted Geralt's look according to the author's wishes, so this representation departs from
the original Witcher's imagery in the games. Origin of all illustrations are the book series called  
'Wiedźmin' from Andrzej Sapkowski.

© PlayON Hungary 

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Stay down, Cahir
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love this one, reflect the fact done in thannedd..is my actual wallpaper, thanks
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Great job. This is pretty close to how I imagined him reading the books. Not huge, not wearing "armor" to speak of and kind of elfin looking. Did you get a chance to ask him anything about the swords? I am *DYING* to ask Sapkowski about Geralt's swords. I realize he is capable of using any kind of sword very well, and that he probably inhabits a world full of what we think of as medieval longswords (35-48 inch blades, 10-13 inch grips), but in the few places in the books where the swords he uses are described, they don't fit this description. They have short blades (28 inches or so), long grips (12 or 13 inches) and either no hand protection or very limited hand protection. You also CAN NOT pull a medieval longsword off your back without severely compromising the scabbard to the point that it basically isn't a scabbard anymore.
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Andrzej Sapkowski in "Season of Storms" even gave us the measures: the blade is 27,25 inches (69,215 cm) long, the whole sword  is 40,5 inches (102,87 cm) and weighs less than 40 ounces. Both swords have similar weights and sizes.
I tried to find original longsword with similar measures, most longswords have longer blade but now I found this:


so the swords with this measures really exists and now I am curious if this would be possible to pull off your back using geralts style from one of short stories where he rise his right hand above his shoulder and with left hand pulls his belt on the chest down so his scabbard is in different angle. But the blade of this sword is similar as one handed swords which you should be able to pull off your back without bigger problem with this technique.
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if i could favourite/follow comments, i would favourite/follow this one
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Will you have to make more? I hope so =D
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I don't know, I hope.. :)
Thank you!
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Wish Geralt looked better in this - otherwise, it's really great to see the scene depicted in such a wonderful way ^_^ I wish I had the skill to draw it myself, got some ideas >:3
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So that's how Sapkowski himself envisioned Geralt? He approved your design?

Great work anyway. :)
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Yes, he approved this one.
Firstly I have painted the 'generally known Geralt-face' (from video games, etc), than he asked the change. The book is different as the game. ;)
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Shouldn't be Geralt in the underwear? iirc he just went to pee when the shit hit the fan.
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This makes me desperate to play the game and read the books! :) Good job!
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Oh, nice! Thanks! :)
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You're welcome :)
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Captured that scene quite nicely from the book
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Congrats on book cover and well done
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Nagyon jó lett! December óta díszíti a szobámat . :)
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