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After several good things happening this month, it ends with my camera dying. I have tried everything that I could find online, to no avail. I'm going to have to buy a new circuit board and perform surgery. And hopefully that will solve the problem...

At the time of writing this, I do have a few photos to upload, which I'll do soon, but I won't be capturing anything new anytime soon... :'( 


Dan Williams
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United States
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After several good things happening this month, it ends with my camera dying. I have tried everything that I could find online, to no avail. I'm going to have to buy a new circuit board and perform surgery. And hopefully that will solve the problem...

At the time of writing this, I do have a few photos to upload, which I'll do soon, but I won't be capturing anything new anytime soon... :'( 


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ZeCarConnosieur Featured By Owner Edited Mar 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please respond to my comment:"Here's my argument:
1.No I'm not Pro-Horse and when the Automobile first rolled out and there's the Ford model t
And I know computers are more superior than type writers.Waaaah! 

2.I Agree with you on oil and fracking and I thought fracking is safe until you told me your dad is a hydrogeologist and tracking is dangerous!La la la la 

3.We are in trillions of debt and We need to pay back I know we are rich enough to invest in clean energy but did you know they are investing billions of dollars in "clean coal" instead of green energy and I am a supporter of green energy myself but we need to do it step by step and we cannot immediately to that and we shift investing from fossil fuels to clean energy and then we build new solar energy power plants and wind turbines and we do it step by step!!!:( (Sad) 

4.In my opinion I think we need to convert to green energy step by step by subsidization and tax polluters and dirty power plants like coal and oil and I do agree with you we do need to invest in research and building but green energy is like autonomous cars we do have the technology and money but we need to invest in research and complete the goal step by step and we can't do it completely right now!:) (Smile) 

5.If we did it completely convert from fossil fuel to clean energy it would cost us trillions and drag us deeply in debt!And my grandfather who is a wealthy businessman and my mom said we have to do it step by step like how Obama became president and how my grandfather developed his business and we can't completely do it because of our capabilities and financal resources!Huggle! 

6.And we can't completely force poor countries to convert to clean energy because they can't afford to have clean energy and have to spend lots of money on solar and wind and that's why we must drill offshore in they united states and invest in the keystone xl pipeline so we could get the money to invest in clean energy!Oops! 

7.We still have to frack and drill offshore and agree on the Keystone XL Pipeline because we need the jobs and the money for the economy so we could afford to have green energy!:( (Sad) 

8.Most People are not willing to do the right thing by paying more for clean energy and we have 20 million unemployed people in america who need jobs and drilling,fracking,and the Keystone XL Pipeline will crate high paying jobs for the people who truly need them and we can't just kill all the illegal immigrants and the legal ones so they could have jobs and tracking,drilling,and the Keystone XL pipeline even "Big Oil" contribute to our economy and create jobs!:( (Sad) 

9.Most People are not rich to afford solar panel in their roofs like you or me and that's why I am Republican because the truth is that Clean Energy is a luxury for most and we the "rich liberals" could afford them and the high electricity pills for solar and wind!And we have to wait until the future that Clean Energy will be affordable to the Most and then I will be Democrat and We Republicans basically want economic prosperity and I love to be a Democrat but their plans like Universal Health Care,Free College,All power comes from green energy,and etc. Would cost us trillions of dollars and closing oil and coal power plants,saying no the the Keystone XL Pipeline,and refusing to consume oil would cost us Jobs!That's why I'm a Conservative Republican but I'm not saying I am socially conservative and What I mean I'm a Conserative Republicans is I am Economically Conservative!And I'm Socially Liberal and I support LGBT rights and marriage,clean energy,civil rights,make the right to vote easier,Women's Rights,Same Wage as Men And Women,and etc. Except that I'm pro-life and i do respect you!"
DanWilliamsPhoto Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Professional Photographer
1.) The model T was a while after the first cars. And there were a huge amount of people protesting it. 
2.) fracking is quite dangerous for ground water and can cause earthquakes....
3.) It won't be done cold turkey, but we do need to encourage the transition. We actually have to take those steps.
4.) see 3
5.) see 3
6.) most of them are actually developing the new technologies, and skipping over the dirty, inefficient energies. In order to invest in clean energy we must develop get oil in the least safe manner and also develop the dirtiest of oils??? 
7.) we don't at all need to add more fracking, drilling, or the KXL. 
8.) if only they understood that it will actually save us huge amounts of money, and the planet, and create 20million jobs. Especially if we develop the solar roadway project. New industries will create far more jobs than the old ones will maintain. Thus the automobile vs horse comparison.
9.) I certainly can't afford it (major health problems). The cost are why we need to put gov't funds (tax dollars) into subsidizing solar panels, and development. The "free" healthcare would actually save us money, free education would eliminate huge amounts of debt for young people allowing them to be able to buy solar panels or spend money in their local economies and start a family, and renewable energies will cost us far less in the long run as they really only have to be paid for once, and then occasional maintenance, but it's cheaper than having to constantly buy oil which has to be constantly drilled for, or coal that has to be constantly mined, so they can be burned....a lot of work for a fuel that is destroyed. 
ZeCarConnosieur Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know and I completely agree with you(even the fracking,drilling,and the KXL) but still I agree with you it would lower cost in the long run but still I wonder why a amount of huge people protest of the Model T!And I especially agree we can't do it cold turkey but we need to encourage the transition to green energy and replace green new jobs than maintaining old jobs!!And what's the automobile vs horse comparison?
DanWilliamsPhoto Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Professional Photographer
the automobile vs horse comparison is comparing transportation energies: a horse or an engine with gas (side: the electric-driven car was invented before the internal combustion engine driven car). 
The biggest concern, the reason for the protests, with the switch from horses to ICE was horseshoe makers losing their industry. This is the same as those now in the oil industry worrying about losing their jobs to green energies.
The end result of oil vs green will be the same as horses vs automobiles.

(I need to get on DA more often...)

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