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By DanVzare
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So, from the 1st of May to the 3rd of May, for three whole days, a bunch of people are going to be boycotting DeviantArt, in a silent protest against the new "Eclipse" interface.

I'm going to be joining in on this, and as such won't be replying to anyone until the 4th of May.

Do I think this is going to make a big difference? Not really. But hopefully it'll make some sort of difference.

Now I know that change happens. DA has had this interface for a long time, and it does need a facelift. My problem isn't that it's changing. I'm sure I'd get used to the new layouts and such. My problem is with some of the features of this new interface, and how it seems to be a step backwards in usability. I'm sure that it's not feasible to keep this same interface along with "Eclipse" forever, and that we will have to all migrate over to the new interface eventually. But what I want, is for them to delay it until they make the new interface at least on par with the old interface.
In its current state, I'm not even sure I'll be able to respond to people and have nice little conversations when the new interface is forced upon us, because the notifications tab is that bad. :fear:

Now even if you like the new interface, I urge you to join in. Not out of a refusal to see change, but out of a demand for something better. Just because you like it, doesn't mean that others that do not should be ignored and forgotten. You should look at your values, and think whether you would want others to join with you if the roles were reversed.

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I suppose that includes submits? I guess I'll leave my monthly submission to the 5th then.

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Probably for the best. As more people will be able to see it if you submit after the boycott.
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I'll be taking part in this too
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Well those few days went by quickly. Here's hoping plenty of other people took part.
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Yeah they did in the time I was away I made some fun art and made a twitter ^^