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I've made quite a few predictions over the years, with a lot of them being argued with, yet still coming true. So I figured that I may as well make a journal detailing all of my predictions, and update it whenever I feel like it. So I can properly keep track of everything I got right and wrong.
Due to confirmation bias, I'm only capable of remembering one thing I got wrong, and that's probably because of how completely and utterly I got it wrong.
Feel free to argue with this list, or better yet, make your own predictions. I just want to keep track of this stuff for future me to be able to gloat (or to get over that damn confirmation bias).
So in no particular order...

Things I predicted and got CORRECT:
Dragon Ball games will allow you to create your own character.
(I never told anyone this prediction, but it seemed fairly obvious. Even though everyone at the time thought that it was a terrible idea and that everyone would only play as saiyans. Still, since I never said it, I don't deserve any points for this one.)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, will get a movie.
(What can I say. It seemed obvious. I even wrote a script for a comic making fun of it, several years before such a movie was even announced. I even saved it to the side when the Equestria Girls movie came out, because it seemed that obvious to me that MLP was eventually going to get its own one day.)

My Little Pony will get a Teen Titans Go reboot.
(This is happening in G4.5. When I suggested it, I was told that it would never happen, because MLP is completely different to Teen Titans, ect. Well it turns out I was right.)
(Correction, looking through those old comments, it turns out someone else suspected that might happen, I agreed, then someone disagreed with my agreement. So I get at most half a point, since I wasn't the originator of the idea.)

Batman V Superman will be terrible.
(I think everyone saw this one coming. So I don't get any points for this.)

The Wii U will fail.
(I remember a Yahoo article stating it would succeed. I responded by saying that it obviously wouldn't. Sometime later there was another Yahoo article stating that the Wii U's failure was unprecedented. I then responded by saying it was absolutely precedented. Mind you, I thought it was going to fail because of the whole stupid controller design. Not because everyone thought it was an addon to the Wii. Who could've predicted that?)
(Just to add to this, I have proof of this one, since I actually saved my comment because I was so proud of it. So no recall bias here. If I hadn't saved that comment, I probably wouldn't have even remembered this one.)

Indie games are becoming very popular.
(It may seem obvious now, but that same Yahoo article that said the Wii U's failure was unprecedented, also stated that Indie games were dying off. I'm not even kidding. Naturally I argued, and said they were not only going strong, but getting stronger. Which turned out to be true.)

Kickstarter is going to continue to be a success.
(Back during Kickstarter's start, I remember someone somewhere with some sort of authority, stating that a few Kickstarter projects were inevitably going to fail, and then people would lose faith in the platform, and it would all come falling down. I disagreed with this assessment, as a matter of fact, I figured that in seven years time, we were going to see an explosion in the Indie scene as a result of it, when all of those projects finally come to fruition. It turns out I was absolutely right. Although I don't think either of us could have predicted the sheer volume of Kickstarter projects that would fail... and that people would STILL have faith in the platform after all of those failures!)

There will be a bunny fire starter on Pokemon.
(The fire starter's are following the Chinese zodiac. As soon as I was told this, I made this obvious prediction and told my sister who loves bunnies. And guess what... the very next game it came true. No points for me though, it was an obvious one.)

Axel's real name on Kingdom Hearts, is Lea.
(Yeah, I noticed that they all had Xs inserted, and Lea seemed more of a name than Ale. So no points for me on this one.)

Things I predicted and got WRONG:
The Nintendo Switch will fail.
(Yes, I made this ridiculously stupid prediction. I honestly thought no one would ever play it in handheld mode. It turns out, that it succeeded because everyone WANTS to play games in handheld mode. Oh boy do I feel dumb for this prediction. So very, VERY dumb. Please feel free to call me out on this one.)

This one isn't much of a prediction, but before I played Duke Nukem Forever, I thought everyone disliked it because it had dated gameplay. Oh I wish that was true. Doom 2016 is what I was expecting Duke Nukem Forever to be like. It wasn't.

Pokemon will eventually allow you to customize your trainer.
(I was actually told here on DA, that would never happen, because they wouldn't have a trainer mascot for the game, and the Pokemon games don't need that kind of customization.)
(Having looked this up, it seems as though they weren't totally against the idea. As a matter of fact, I even seemed to take back this prediction. So this will have to go into the WRONG section. See, this is what recall bias and confirmation bias does to you, and exactly why I need this damn journal!)

Things I'm predicting NOW:
The YouTube you know, will be gone within 20 years.
(19 now, since I made this prediction in 2018. This is not related to the recent COPPA thing, although obviously that's just more writing on the wall as far as I'm concerned.)

There will one day be unskippable adverts in a AAA game that you pay for.

Axel, aka Lea, aka Reno, is the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts.

Google Stadia will fail in its current state.
(There's always the chance for reinvention, but as it is, it's doomed to failure.)

The Secret of Monkey Island, is that it's a game.
(I feel as though this has recently gotten some clout behind it considering Ron Gilbert's most recent game. And I've had this theory for about a decade now.)

2040 will see another revival of 3D movies, as well as a strong sense of nostalgia for the 2010s.
(It happened in the 1980s with the 1950. And it happened in the 2010s with the 1980s. It seems to be a reoccurring pattern that happens every 30 years or so.)

The next Pokemon remakes will be Diamond and Pearl, after which they will remake Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
(The remakes seem to be following the same order as the original releases. I noticed this with the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire, but it was downright confirmed with Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. Let's see if I'm right.)
© 2019 - 2021 DanVzare
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vindurza's avatar
interesting ideas I hope the youtube one is wrong but who knows at this point with the bullshit that is about to happen.
DanVzare's avatar
I guess we'll see.
If there's one thing I know about predictions, it's that they're usually wrong.
So hopefully this at least keeps my ego in check. And stops me from mis-remembering things. :)
vindurza's avatar
Its bad sometimes with predictions you end I feeling like Nostradamus, for example I called that every starter would be removed from pokemon cause why would they be in a region that is not their own and I was 99% correct with only charizard surviving thanos
DanVzare's avatar
Yep, I know what you mean.

But with that being said, you predicted that?
That's awesome!
I honestly didn't think about which Pokemon were going to be cut, but that prediction was brilliant.
vindurza's avatar
Brilliant or depressing as all hell the series apparently just made its best selling game with swerd and it's not gonna go down hill even faster
DanVzare's avatar
Yeah, I heard that Sword and Shield have been selling incredibly well.
At least we know the series isn't going anywhere... even when stuff is removed. :(

Do you think they'll ever add any Pokemon back in?
Perhaps when Pokemon UltraSword and UltraShield come out?
They don't seem to do the "combining" thing anymore, so we certainly won't be seeing a Pokemon Armour. That's for sure.
vindurza's avatar
I really hope they will to stop the anger they can easily patch them back but they're a notoriously stubborn company when it comes to changes they have made
DanVzare's avatar
I know exactly what you mean.
I personally think they will add back in some Pokemon at some point. But that stubbornness, and their reputation for making what can only be described as odd decisions, makes me question whether or not they actually ever will add back in any Pokemon.

On the one hand, they already have the models. So it would be a waste if they didn't add at least some of them back in.
On the other hand, THEY ALREADY HAVE THE MODELS! So why on earth did they remove them in the first place?
(They seemed to reuse the animations as well, so the excuse about better animations doesn't appear to be true.)
Only time will tell what happens. :nod:
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