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The Nitwits

By DanVzare
Now anyone who has ever read The Beano will instantly recognize this as being incredibly similar to The Numskulls. And that's because this was more or less an attempt to see if I could mimic the style of British comics.

While this is undoubtedly a Numskulls ripoff, I've also included a reference to Inside Out via the colouring of my characters.

This was also an attempt to test out a new way of drawing everything.
I drew everything by hand, vectorized it, coloured it in, then combined stuff where needed (I drew the backgrounds separately from the characters).
Overall this all took way too long but I think it came out nicely all things considered. It definitely came out better than I anticipated, and I most certainly would not have been able to make this any other way. So I'm proud of it. I don't think I'll be making another one though.
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This is the funniest ridiculous and old-looking comic I've seen in your Gallery, except it's not that old, and looks like people missed out on it.
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If you think this is the funniest comic in my gallery, than you would really love to read the comics it was inspired by.
I poured over loads of issues, trying to figure out the formula they were using. Overall, I think I did an incredible job of doing it. And except for the art, I could definitely make several comics akin to this.
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Well, it's the funniest comic of this type that you have.
What's really neat is to hear how you poured over issues to figure out their formula. :worship:
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The formula was actually quite simple really.
Usually it involved a mischief maker doing something they weren't supposed to, or avoiding something they're supposed to be doing.
They then had their fun causing mischief until someone decides to put a stop to their fun.
It then ends with the mischief maker getting their just desserts, groaning, and someone (either the mischief maker or the one who stopped the mischief) making a pun or saying a play on words.
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
I wonder how long you think it took you to tell conclusively that that was the formula.
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About a week. Probably less.
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For some God-forsaken reason, this really reminds me of this comic series, only more colorful (loved the Nose Dep. sign as well :D):…
DanVzare's avatar
Thanks. The comic I was inspired from, had department signs too. :D

Also, good point. Just looking at that picture you linked me reminds me of my own comic.
Dreamer-In-Shadows's avatar
Props for trying the new style still, liking it. :) :giggle: Even if it`s being a mimic. :giggle:
DanVzare's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
Also, you'd be amazed at how much of my old art style slipped in. The kid looks very similar to how I used to draw my 20 Quid Amusement comics.
Dreamer-In-Shadows's avatar
No probs.
Now that you say it, it definitely shows there.
Obelis's avatar
This makes me think how people wash their cats in washing machines as punishment and kill them. >.< Or microwave their cats for biting a plant and then cry when they die.

Bath is always a better option, both with people and animals. :nod:
DanVzare's avatar
A bath is always the best option. :nod:

But speaking of microwaving cats. What about microwaving hamsters?
There's a game where you can do that just for the lolz. :giggle:

But those people that do it in real life though!
Damn, what idiot.
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