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Raz and the Everything Cover

By DanVzare
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If anyone is interested in the old comics I made as a kid, which this saga is based on, you can find them here:
I must remind you, that I did make those a long time ago, and they are quite unreadable. But you might enjoy the comments I made in the readme file.

Also, for all you game enthusiasts out there, I've made a game which you can find here:…
It's in 3D, but it's crap 3D, like something from the early nineties. It's a puzzle/platform game, and it is rather short with little to no actual story. But it is entertaining, and I think you might be surprised at how well made it is. It's set between the 2nd and 3rd story arcs, if you're intrested in timelines.

Another edit here, just so you know, I've started writing a series of short stories, the first of which can be found here:
It takes place between the 2nd and 3rd arc, or if you prefer, between pages 12 and 13. I'll include a link on page 12 so you can read in chronological order.

This is the cover I've designed for my epic story, and I am extremely pleased with how it turned out. For me, it's the perfect cover, and for several reasons. Here, let me tell you the design process, and why I've utilised certain elements. First thing first, I've had the idea for this cover for ages, I even drew a draft of what it would look like, last year. But it's only recently that I've acquired the skills necessary to make it. As you may know, I've been making Raz comics since 2005, and most of those comics were pretty bad, but I did draw covers for them, bad ones. I had a certain design for those covers, where I had the title at the top, a overlapping triangle thing beneath it (like you see on this cover), underneath that would be something interesting like a picture of Raz or his Fruit Juice Machine, and inside the triangle thing would be the translation of the title. The original comic was called Zime-Me-Mat, and the Z was the wrong way around, the translation in the triangle thing said To The End. But more recently as you can see, I've been using the title Raz and the Everything, which is a title I made up when trying to create a game for Raz, and it kind of stuck. So instead of having the title in an alien language, and the translation in English, I've reversed it. Another interesting thing of note, and this is perhaps the best part, is the background with the wormhole. That wasn't designed for this cover, that was originally made using a trial version of Coral Painter back on my old Windows 98 computer (yes, it's that old). I sort of used it as a backdrop for, once again, attempts at making games based on Raz, more recently though, I've vectorized it and used it as the basis for this cover. The amazing part is though, that the wormhole aligns perfectly with the triangle thing, almost like I knew what I was eventually going to use that backdrop for, all those years ago. And to top that off, my last ever Raz comic which was also titled Raz and the Everything and was actually the first to use the name (until this one), had for a cover only raz walking past a giant wormhole. So a wormhole is very appropriate for this comic, I think.

This cover is my ultimate piece of artwork, because it uses elements from everything I've ever associated with Raz, and I mean everything. This is truly a great piece of artwork which uses not only newly made stuff, but also old things as well. And as for the font, I found that font the day I had decided to make the final version of this cover, and it fits in so perfectly. I usually don't believe in fate, but if I did, I'd say this cover was meant to be. My Masterpiece for my Masterpiece.
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Now, seeing this cover, I'm trying to guess what I could expect in this comic. :la: Here are my theories:

1. It's Sci-Fi because I can see A LOT of stars.
2. The protagonist is an alien.
3. And those aliens have their own writing system with weird letters.
4. omething is happening in the centre of the Galaxy.

Okay, now I need to find out how much my theories were true...
DanVzare's avatar
3 out of 4 isn't bad.
moonsaber56's avatar
Daaamn dude...what do you tihnk of it today?
DanVzare's avatar
I still think that this is the best piece of artwork I've ever done, and I'm still super proud of how it came out. :D
moonsaber56's avatar
ahh...i see hows your birthday so far?
DanVzare's avatar
Well it's just past midnight where I am, so it's just finished.
I had lots of fun, thanks for asking! :D
moonsaber56's avatar
ahh i keep forggeting our huge time gap...:) but good you had a lot of fun
DanVzare's avatar
Yeah, that's one of the inconveniences of being online.
moonsaber56's avatar
yes yes it is...also ive been binge playing helldivers.
DanVzare's avatar
Hmm, it looks like a somewhat interesting game.
Care to tell me a bit about it. :D
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ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Doncha love when a deviation has at least twice as many Comments as it has views? ;P I achieved that with :iconizzi1313: first, HERE but in 3 years the view count caught back up and surpassed.

Anyway, ya might get a few more hits to this because it's Featured on my Journal. But don't you (or the other 3 featured) be disappointed. There will be more Feature than that. One with fanfare for you and [Raz and the]everything
DanVzare's avatar
Why would I be dissapointed that you just featured my cover?
Thanks very much by the way :glomp:
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
You might be disappointed by the fact that it is not very major and you might have been expecting more. And you should have been expecting more, because you're going to get more. But first you're going to stay down there on the bottom with the others because before I do proper features, I have to make a post about my comics.

The more you hear about my comics, the more curious you are to read them... So maybe one day you will, but before that day can come I need to do a little rant that has nothing to do with you. I just wanted to say stuff about a comic I'm working on first.
DanVzare's avatar
Uhm, ok.
To be honest, I don't care how major a feature is. A feature is a feature, and I just adore the fact that you've featured my comic, even if it's a minor feature. I'm easily pleased.
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Well you're going to get a bigger feature later, no matter what.
And if you're easily pleased, I got something for you.
I wonder when your birthday is... HEY! Did you just add that info to your Profile, or was it always there? I just took my age off and only show my birthday... (I love dA birthday presents!)
Your birthday was recent, so this is timely...
[link] Leave a Comment on it if you want.
DanVzare's avatar
I've had my birthday set up on DA for years. You probably just never noticed it :D

Also, I've looked at the picture, I am definitely going to comment on it, right now.
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Sorry for the little delay in getting to this.^^; I saw it's link in your Note. This is a good looking cover. Single best looking piece of art in your Gallery.

Wow. That description. That's amazing. I can't figure out what to say about, except that I feel I understand, because of the way I make art. Wow... It's like there's a connection...

I really like being able to draw on childhood and other old art to complete modern works.

I think this cover is great and good as a cover for this, and I don't think it's a big spoiler, HOWEVER, it would have been a bit of a spoiler for me, so I appreciate that you've held it back this long. This was definitely the finest time you could have shown it to me. Any other time and it would have lost some of it's punch.

The last part of the description... wow...
I hope I can make my ultimate piece of artwork significant like this.:please: I think I might need to promote this comic cover in an upcoming Journal.
DanVzare's avatar
The delay is ok, I understand, I'm just glad you took the time to look at it.

Also, thanks for understanding how amazing I think it is :D
I'm glad that you seem to like it just as much as me.

I too like using stuff from my childhood in my mordern art (as is clearly evident), it's really nice to see your old characters and stories renewed in a way that would make your younger self so proud. I would remake my very first comic if I could, but unfortunately that is a plot that is beyond saving. Seriously, I tried.

As for this being a spoiler, that's one of the main reasons why I held off for so long. It's a small enough spoiler to be usable for a cover, but a pretty damn big spoiler to show to people before I reach the appropriate part in the comic.

Also, I'm sure your ultimate piece of artwork will be just as good if not better than mine. After all, you've probably spent twice as long thinking about and planning it.

As for featuring it in a journal... that would definitely make my day. Then again, I think that would make anyone's day.
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Actually, I don't think I like this comic as much as you. And I shouldn't, either. You are pouring elements of your life of art in here that other people can't even grasp. I can understand you passion, because I feel it too, but I cannot rival it. You outlike me when it comes to this comic, and that's best anyway. :nod:

For me, I like to take older stories and use them as a substitute for inspiration, because I had a little bit more of the kind of inspiration I like back then than I do now.

I don't think this would have been a spoiler for anyone but me... but... thinking about it again, I guess you're right... but it's a GOOD spoiler, because it will give people who, unlike me, did not make a commitment to read this entire comic from the beginning at the beginning, some kind of point to look forward to as they read through and try to make sense of everything.

My ultimate piece will be far more than a piece. It will probably be a 400 + page comic:bookdiva:. I know it can get that far because my longest comic is 52 pages, but I have an update coming not-so-soon that will take it to almost 100, and that comic is really only about one confrontation, not a whole story!

As for that Journal feature, I have a tiny bit of star power, so if I feature you, somebody will read your comic. I need to get through these 44 Messages left in my Replies Stack. I might earn a few more Watchers after fighting through all the detailed remarks and stuff I need to make. Then the Journal you're featured in can be slightly better.
DanVzare's avatar
I'm sure I do like my comic more than you, personally I wish I was a better writer and artist, as it clearly isn't that great, but I do love it. As for the cover, that I completely adore. It's just that since you understood why I liked it so much, I figured you'd be able to appriciate the work. Which I'm sure you do :D

Yeah, when you're younger, you seem to be more imaginative and that surrealism can be very good for creating new and original ideas. That being said, I do have a more detailed and better imagination than when I was younger.

And a 400+ page comic... are you going to see about gettting that published? It sounds like it's going to be one epic story, I wish I had the patience to do a comic that big.

Also, 44 comments to respond to... I'm jelly.
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
I am definitely not going to publish that epic. It will simply contain too many elements that are not mine. I will be doing 99% of the work, but so much of the content is not mine. All my comics except for Todd VS The Monsters used other people's OCs. Right now, Todd VS Dave includes four characters that belong to other people playing major roles, plus five others in cameos or other brief appearances. Well, one of those 5 I still need to get permissions for, along with permission to use an epic warship know as The Sky Sword. One of the original characters is a shameless ripoff of a video game character, and that character plays a pivotal role in the story. There's another character who will probably be in the story that I am buying as an adopt.
I bought some of the outfits to be used through commissions, got others as requests or for free. Other deviants have helped me with character design and develop, doing everything making me fanart to lending their characters, role-playing with me to making overall canon suggestion and brainstorming.

I'm trying to find a writer to help me right. I've got someone working on scene ordering. Some wrote an entire scene for me because that was a major scene that was about something I had no life experience with, so I could not write that, but it was a critical scene. I have a songwriter working on 3 songs I want for the story. The comic will have references galore. I even plan on using other people's exact deviations and avatars in the comic. And yes, I got permissions for all of these things.

That doesn't mean that my greatest work is actually someone else's! Did you know that it's often actually harder, and a sign of better work when you work with other people and references, rather than do everything yourself? That's what they do for TV, movies, and everything professional! No, one-man shows. :no: Nobody's helping me with the humor, and most of the characters featured are mine, although their clothing- and in a few cases, their script- may not be.

Then, when it's all over and it's time to make an animation for it (for every comic book I finish, I make at least one animation to celebrate), I have to make the credits roll!

All that stuff is WAY too much for me to publish... That could be a legal nightmare trying to get all that together...
DanVzare's avatar
Ok, forget publish. But damn, that must be hard, it sounds like it's worth it though.

I'd help with the writing, but I think we can both agree that my story telling isn't exactly out of this world. Also, you don't need to justify to me that it's your work, after all of the talks we've had, I'd have to be an idiot not to realize how much effort you've put into your stories.
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
And those 44 Comments are only the detailed ones! All the easy ones are all out of my Inbox!

Some of the big ones I got done...
One person I had to Comment on pieces in their Gallery
Another one, I had to go through their Gallery and systematically critique most of the hands they drew.
Others involved following off-site links, or evaluating art. One of them involved reading a fanfiction they made me.
Then I had other comments I wanted to make.
I also had a request and a commission to put out. I also helped someone debug a Journal script... I had an amazing conversation with a blind photographer... :phew: for all that stuff!

I still need to watch an episode or two of an anime, and the new Looney Tunes before I can properly respond. There's one Comment where I pretty much need to answer it in the form of a comic. Another one requires a sketch. There are long ones left too... and in the end, when there's only one left that one will be for a :dalogo: friend where I promised I'd go through his entire Gallery and pretty much comment on everything.

So... these last (now 38, thanks to your most recent two), are all doozies that often require me to DO things, and not just Reply.:work:

The proof that the young imagination comes up with stuff an adult imagination can't force out is the online comic, Axe Cop. And now, because of that, you have to go do something (Google and read) before you can properly Reply! ;P

Patience isn't really that big a thing. Motivation is the bigger issue. Basically, it's me substituting a lot of the other drawing I would be doing to do that instead. I'm good at drawing a lot of one thing. I remember you telling me that you get... impatient with works, I think, and really want them done, so it's hard for you to work on something that big? For me, big things were all I usually wanted to draw. I wanted everything I drew to be part of something bigger, from individual pages of comics, to Super Mario Bros. level picture series'. There was a point in my life where I couldn't doodle at all, because I didn't feel there was a point to drawing if it wasn't a part of a series.
DanVzare's avatar
Wow, you have a lot to respond to. I took a look at that axe cop, and read up about it. Written by a 5 year old and drawn by a 20 year old, and after reading the first issue, you can definitely see. Rather funny though.

I get where you're coming from with the whole motivation needed due to wanting to make something big. Of course like I said, when it comes down to my comics it's patience that's my problem. But I have on occasion tried to make games, some have actually been pretty good, but not counting the two really short stupid ones, I've only ever finished one. My problem was a lack of motivation, and I usually don't feel like making any type of game unless it's going to be part of something big, and I don't finish anything big.

Heck I've even got a bit of a Raz game done. It's in 3d, he can move about, and his walking in animated. You can easily make a level where jump on blocks in a 3d environment. I've included the fruit juice machine, trees, and shallow water which makes a splash noise when you jump into it. And that's as far as I've gotten. I made all of that last year and haven't worked on in since. There are many, many other games I've started and done the same thing.
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