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Puzzle Piece

By DanVzare
I made this as part of a competition on a forum. You can find the thread here:…

Everyone had to draw their most memorable puzzle, inside a jigsaw puzzle piece. Mine was one from Day of the Tentacle. My full reason is stated below.
In the end, I won second place. Which isn't too bad, considering I've never done one of these before. :D
I wanted to submit it here, because it's a pretty damn good piece of pixel art.

The reason for my picture:
The hardest puzzle I’ve ever played so far in a game, has got to be the squeaky bed puzzle in Day of the Tentacle. This puzzle was so difficult, that it took me several years to figure it out. It took me so long to figure out, that I had solved all of the other puzzles in the game, except the ones which required the solving of that one particular puzzle. And as for those puzzles I couldn’t solve, I had already figured out how to solve them, I just couldn’t until I got that damn mouse from that damn cat. :angry:

It took me years just to figure out how to swap mattresses. And because of that, this is the hardest puzzle I’ve ever faced in an adventure game and by far the most memorable as well. I am so glad I figured it out on my own and didn’t resort to using a walkthrough. Definitely one of my proudest moments. :D

Oh, and my entire family was stuck on that puzzle, since we were all more or less playing the game, and figuring out puzzles. But I was the one to solve that impossibly difficult puzzle (years after everyone else gave up)!
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You got a lot of nice shading and texturing going on here. Very cool dude! 
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Thanks. It means a lot, getting such a compliment from you. :D
I spent a week on it (more or less), so I'm glad it turned out great.