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No, you! by DanVzare No, you! by DanVzare
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Because racists always say "I'm not a racist". Get it?
You know, I've heard people calling things racist, that has just left me baffled to the point where I actually had to look up how anyone could ever consider it racist.

You can call me innocent or naive, but I legitimately believe that if someone can't figure out why something would be racist, then the people that can, are the racist ones for being able to notice such a thing. After all, they're the ones keeping that bit of racism alive by pointing it out.

I mean think about it, the only way the N word can stop being used as a racial slur, is by people not seeing it as a racial slur. So if by some miracle most people become unaware of the racist undertones that used to be behind the N word, then that word stops being racist. But unfortunately we've got (and I don't use this term lightly) SJWs that are trying their best to keep all of this racist crap alive.

In short, SJWs are the most racist people alive. And they're worst than your typical racists, because these people legitimately believe they are being the opposite of racist.

Now count how many times I used the word "racist". :D

Also, sorry. No Halloween special this year, even though Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, and thus it lines up perfectly. I never considered making a Halloween special this year, and wouldn't know what to do for one either.
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Blondbraid Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
By that logic, does pointing out that fire exists mean you're an arsonist?
DanVzare Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
He who smelt it, dealt it. :nod:

But yeah, I know what you mean. :giggle:
Blondbraid Featured By Owner Edited Nov 1, 2018
You can't really solve anything by ignoring it though. :( (Sad) 
DanVzare Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018

But you can't really solve anything by constantly bring it up like a nagging wife. I once saw someone call a youtuber a racist for using the term "cracker" to refer to people who crack games, because the term "cracker" has been known to be used by black people to derogatively refer to white people. A term which I didn't even know existed until then. (And which explains some of Chef's dialog in South Park.)

I've seen people try to bring up old racist terms from ye ole' days that someone used in their sentence, just to call that person a racist. Terms that no one nowadays even knows were a racist thing to begin with, unless you have a degree in history that is.

There's difference between ignoring something, and simply "letting it go". :iconelsaplz:
Blondbraid Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018
True, not everyone knows every term, but a quick apology will get you much further than being defensive.

Let me put it this way, if you scratch your nose on the bus and the guy next to you says "ew, don't pick your nose",
will yelling "I'm not picking my nose and eating my findings!!!" so that everyone in the bus can hear you and telling
everyone how wrong it is to wantonly accuse people of picking their noses really help convince anyone that you weren't
actually picking your nose?
DanVzare Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2018
I do usually apologize (heck I've even apologized when no one has pointed anything out, and it's me that's noticed that it could possibly be interpreted as offensive after the fact). It's when they refuse to accept the apology and move on that I start getting defensive.
I also generally ignore it when it's happening to someone else, because it's up to them to apologize and/or get defensive. Not for someone else to butt in.
Of course most people act differently online than in real life. But I try my best to act the same online.

So yeah, I completely agree with you there. :D
People do need to learn to give a quick apology rather than always suddenly getting up in arms about the slightest thing. And those same people should know when to apologize, rather than having to wait for someone whose rude enough to demand an apology. :nod:
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October 31, 2018
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