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Well I've just sent you the save. I hope you can download it ok.

Hmm, I guess I'll have to look up Hathur's backstory.

Wait a moment while I do that... oh wow. So he became a mercenary, wandered a whole lot before getting caught in the middle of a war when visiting Rubmountains, and finally moving to StoneBanner. He does have quite the kill tally as well. :nod:

We must be making a dent in the animal population, otherwise I wouldn't be getting a faster framerate. (I doubt the newer version is helping.)

So while the animals are breeding fast, we must be killing them quicker than they're breeding.

In terms of invaders. StoneBanner hasn't seen any action. But the elves have been up to no good. The elf Cana Memicarayali basically conquered Glitteredgods. Cana was one of Nesene's soldiers who abandoned Evilcancer after conquering it. We still techinically own Glitteredgods for now, but I'm fairly sure Cana is the only one left in there. Hence why I've sent a dwarf there. Speaking of which, I sent those two dwarves away. There parents weren't anyone special (they weren't even clones), so I saw no problem with it.

The version of DF we used for WaneBoats was 0.34.11.

The version we started StoneBanner with was 0.44.12.

The version I'm using now is 0.47.05.

I hope that all helps.

Adventuing in Dwarf Fortress: Part 2
commented on Disappeared by

That and exiting your vehicle.

Cop: "Step out of the vehicle!"

Guy: "Ok officer."

*Steps out of the car.*

Cop: "Hey, where did he go?!?"


That's a good way of putting it. Our save is definitely cursed. :giggle:

Thank goodness Hathur isn't easily annoyed, and prefers to dodge than retaliate.

Wow, I had no idea that Goaty was one of Barabar's only friends outside of the Founding 7. That guy needs to interact with more people. Tarquin has quite a few acquaintances.

Nesene definitely isn't considered a militia captain of StoneBanner anymore. But I wouldn't be surprised if the game is sending him back to StoneBanner because StoneBanner was the last place he had a noble title. That doesn't explain why he went to that one random hillock though.

It has definitely been a fast turn this time. The game is running a lot faster now (probably because of all of the animals we've slaughtered). So I'm able to get through one ingame month in less than an hour, instead of it taking just over two hours. It's been a lot more fun too, since there's been a lot less downtime where I just wait for everyone to do the stuff I've setup.

Adventuing in Dwarf Fortress: Part 2

You're right, there is something wrong with the work priorities on your turn. I have no idea what it is though. The strange thing is, I remember something similar happening to me on one of my turns. If you remember, I was complaining about corpses being left everywhere. For some reason though, it's mostly only been affecting you. Our save is weird. :wtf:

Also, I didn't expect Atis to be involved with even more stuff. I look forward to finding out what.

And yeah, it seems as though our dwarves never bothered to free anyone from the places we conquered.

Our dwarf: "What're you in for? Eh, never mind. I'm sure you're in there for a good reason."

Imprisoned dwarf: "But... I was captured when the goblins attacked my hillock... please come back."

Well I'm glad you did include Ushat talking about Tarquin. :D

And yeah, even though it was a rough year for Tarquin. You've got to admit, he came so close to death by attacking Hathur TWICE! :fear:

Alright then, I'll leave the tag in the raws, unedited. I'm 99% certain it won't mess anything up if I removed it. But we already have a pretty messed up save, so who knows what'll end up happening. :shrug:

If he dies, he dies. It'd be a shame, but hopefully it won't happen.

Besides, I'd probably forget to put it back in after we retire the fortress.

Well Sobek kind of makes sense. He has a noble title in the place he moved to. And as far as I know, if someone has a noble title somewhere, they automatically move there (there's a trick to make anyone and anything move to your fort using titles). But Nesene doesn't have any noble titles. As a matter of fact, he had a noble title as a hearthperson, and he abandoned that title to move somewhere else! :omg:

Hmm, looking it up on the DF Wiki, it seems as though you're right. I'll make sure their parents aren't anyone important before I send them away. If they are, I'll probably just have to leave them be and abandon the plan.

By the way, I'm nearing the end on my turn. I should have it sent to you sometime this week.

Also, I've been watching that Ergo Proxy. I'm seven episodes in so far (I've just watched the part where the main girl apparently dies). You're right that it did start slow, after the first episode I wasn't too sure about it. But I kept at it, and now I'm loving it! Thanks for the recommendation. :D

Adventuing in Dwarf Fortress: Part 2
commented on 's profile

Oh my, I sure hope you aren't falling deeper into debt without knowing it. :fear:

Then again, if you're getting it for free. :D

That's true. Everyone goes through one or more cringy teen phases. It just can't be helped. I'm still waiting for my little brother to enter one of those cringy teen phases. :fear:

Ah, I didn't know about Mexican Spanish being that different. It definitely sounds like a richer version of Spanish. Is the grammar different at all?

What the... Korea has two languages, one for men, and one for women!?! :omg:

That's insane!

Thanks for that bit of knowledge.