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It's amazing how nature transforms every season and it's almost unbelievable how the setting changes and still, everything looks so perfect every time.

Nature makes flowers bloom yellow from where there was only snow and ice, it makes the leaves grow where there were just bare branches months ago and above all, it makes everything turn peaceful, by just changing the color of the season.

Green springs everywhere and birds and leaves are one. They sing together an ode to Mother Earth! We should stop and listen to it from time to time!

Flowers bloom even on trees and pink is the new black! Enjoy it, smell it, feel it!

Suddenly a lonely, artsy bench comes to life by spreading all the stories gathered during winter. Listen to their whisper!

And places fill up because the blessing sun sends his rays upon us. Lay under them, touch their essence. Can you do you that? Can you feel spring flowing through your veins?

Spring Flowers part II

Anemone nemorosa (Windflower)

Anemone nemorosa by Heremod Wood anemone by Lady-Faye-Valentine
_Anemone. by josefinejonssonphoto:thumb159874060:
The coupel -Anemone nemorosa by andresT73 White Welcome by mr-andreas-andersson BSC21 by S-H-A-A-M


Azalea by GramMoo Azalea by truedev0tion
Pink Azalea by e-CJ Azalea by Palanteer
Azalea by PlumCrazee Azalea by DezzieMonster
Azalea by Silisav Pink Azalea by poetcrystaldawn


Allium by tleach0608 Armeria by poetcrystaldawn Girl and Allium II by RinaArt
Purple Globes by Wild-Soul Allium in Wonderland by ashapiro515
Savour The Beauty by wytrvn Giant Onion Flower by WestLothian

Belladonna Lily (Amaryllis)

Amaryllis Belladonna 30609 by hfpierson amaryllis 2 by OHKayleigh
Red and White Amaryllis by tleach0608 Beladonna Lily Closeup by Violinscry Amaryllis by Oldbeho
Belladonna Lily 1 by vampghost AMARYLLIS 14 by THOM-B-FOTO
Amaryllis by AuTuMn-Lee RED AMARYLLIS 4 by THOM-B-FOTO

Bird of paradise (Strelitzia)

Bird of Paradise by thrumyeye Blue Bird of Paradise by Massano
BIRD OF PARADISE by THOM-B-FOTO:thumb150440334:
Paradise by hbrodsly Bird of Paradise by jakegarn The Bird of Paradise by Tsana


:thumb95010141: Begonia by unereveur Begonia by yhdenenkelinunelma
Begonia by cycoze BEGONIA 2 by THOM-B-FOTO
:thumb158728586: GOLDEN BEGONIA by THOM-B-FOTO

Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)

blackthorn 2 by S-H-A-A-M Blackthorn haze by nemi23
Blackthorn Blossom by Vedrfoelnir Blackthorn in Spring 2 by avalonmoon13
17th march - blackthorn by walking-with-gustav Blackthorn blossom by S-H-A-A-M:thumb53344392:

Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

Bluebell by Slinky-2012 Bluebell by Helen1993 bluebell by loucottle
:thumb120901056: Bluebell by Sinrain
Bluebell by notoca Bluebell by Megglles


Boronia citriodora by Centauran Boronia citriodora white by Centauran
:thumb8133674: Karri Boronia by lozzalee

Cherry blossom

Blossom by Yueshi Cherry Blossom by DaRkAnG3L99:thumb113958882:
Cherry Blossom by jin-tze:thumb115232895:
:thumb115278675: pink cherry blossom by chillipope
Cherry Blossom Festival by JeanFan cherry blossom by bailey--elizabeth

Calla Lily

Yellow Calla 2007 by hfpierson:thumb49721472: Calla Lily Gradient Mesh Study by Helen-Baq
Calla by justfrog Calla Lily 2 by c3d Natures Flame by Wild-Soul


COSMOS by WindyLife Cosmos IV by WindyLife:thumb123771078:
Just cosmos by CasheeFoo Garden Cosmos by AlinaKurbiel
cosmos by stranj Pink 'Gloria' Cosmos by Irena-N-Photography


Camellia by LiagnisArts Camellia by hereward1999
Camellia Portrait - Serenity by nicoleP Camellia by cloudofstrife Camellia by sara-satellite


:thumb143913753: Dahlia Candy 2 by TruemarkPhotography
Dahlia by Blastoid Yellow Dahlia by thriftyredhead
Dahlia two. by Seanachais-Ardmore Pink Dahlia by javv556


:thumb53821692: Freesia by scorsagra Freesia by lamsquaw
Freesia - Old Work -square- by sara-satellite Yellow Freesia by lamsquaw

© 2010 - 2021 Danutza88
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sara-satellite's avatar
Oh hey, or rather thank you for featuring two of mine. :omg: :tighthug:
sara-satellite's avatar
What a great collection! I especially like how well-arranged the thumbs are. :love: :heart: Thank you for taking the time to collect and share them (many to fave!) and thank you especially for including one of mine. :)
Danutza88's avatar
:D Finally someone says something about my time taken to "well arranging" the photos:D I did that on purpose:D I am a perfectionist:giggle: ... and You're welcome!;)
sara-satellite's avatar
It takes one to know one. I'm very particular about my thumb arrangement, so I couldn't let it go unsaid. ;) Plus many don't seem to realize how long it can really take to organize them! :faint:

Danutza88's avatar
I subscribe to that!:hug:
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e-CJ's avatar
Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for the feature. I have added you to my feature quilt. You can find it on my front page. Thanks again...
WindyLife's avatar
Thank you so much for putting my pics!! :hug:
(sorry for my late comment ^^; )
hbrodsly's avatar
thank you for the recent feature

kind regards
S-H-A-A-M's avatar
Thank you very much for including my photos in your wonderful feature! :)
Sadly the spring here is one of the worst I can remember,the cold weather and frost ruined a lot of the flowers,even the blackthorn blossom only lasted one day in the freezing temperature and high wind. :(
For photography in general this is the worst year I have known as the bad winter seems to have killed off a lot of the wildlife,so looking at photos is the only way to see what should be around at springtime. :depressed:
Danutza88's avatar
:( I'm so sorry to hear that! I only hope next year will be better:(
S-H-A-A-M's avatar
Thank you! :(
At the moment it is like winter again here,you need a big coat and hat when you go out when we should be walking around in a shirt or t-shirt at this time of year. :(
The only wildflower that has flowered so far in this area is coltsfoot,plus a few dandelions and the odd stinging nettle,and of course without the flowers for food there are very few insects around. :(
And as it was such a bad winter,there are no kingfishers around and very few of the smaller birds of prey,and only seen one snake and a few lizards which is very worrying. :(
And apart from nursery web spiders,you have to spend hours trying to find a spider in their usual areas? :(
I'm keeping my fingers crossed next year will be better? :(
Danutza88's avatar
:( It will get better. We were hopeless too, but now it's all sunny and warm!:) Don't lose hope!;)
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thanks so much for the feature!
x x x :D
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Thank You very much for the feature !
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Thank you so much for the feature!
What a beautifull journal entry :)
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Thanks so much for this feature! :heart:
Beautiful selection ^^
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:aww: Thank you very much for the feature ! :) :hug:
Richie-x-pressions's avatar
these are gorgeous!! :faint: thank you so much for including me! :hug:
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You're welcome!:aww: :huggle:
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thanks for the feature :hug: :)
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