Journey towards Oz + SE CAUTA FOTOGRAF!!!

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(De preferat din Tg. Mures sau Cluj)

My little bro detine un site pentru fete  si are o sectiune in care sunt promovate tinere modele neprofesioniste care au talent dar nu s-au afirmat!
Se cauta o colaborare cu un fotograf care sa realizeze pictoriale cu fetele care doresc sa apara pe site.
Acesta, la randul lui, va avea parte de promovare si foarte probabil si ceva bani dupa sesiunile foto.  

Pentru mai multe detalii:
YM: axell_moto


:bulletyellow:Poll: What would you choose?…

We're human beings. In a small world called Earth. Where everybody knows everybody and people find out things easily even if they weren't told.
We begin a journey and we walk on the yellow brick road towards Oz. Sometimes we meet the wolf when we want to pick up beautiful flowers aside the road and we're eaten by it. Or not. We go on even if it's hard. Time heals. It makes the wounds pass. It passes even if we want to stay.
We're enjoying spring, summer and even autumn, but winter is so cold and we want a warm place. Sometimes there's only the road. No trees, no warm places, no sun. But we always go on, fed by the curiosity of what might be in the almighty city of Oz. We're powerful even if we don't know it. And we're special. Very special. Not like everybody else. We have something that shines in us. The inner sun that gives us the power to go on. And even if it's winter, harsh weather and we're lonely we don't give up. We walk and hope. And finally succeed. We're in Oz and we enjoy its wonders. And then, we think of another Oz and start a new journey towards it. And it's fun. It always is, it will always be.

Future Devmeet

Devmeet coming to Cluj! :boogie: Stay tuned!

Dana :heart:


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:heart:thanks for featuring my photo!:heart:
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Thank you for the feature! :hug:
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You're welcome!:hug:
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feature appreciated ;)
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your stories are always such a pleasure to read :iconlovesplz:
Danutza88's avatar
:aww: Really? That's so cute:D Thaaanx!:hug:
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Hi! Thanks so much for the feature!!!:heart::heart::heart:
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You're welcome!;)
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So what do you think is in YOUR Oz?
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Mmm, I donno, but I'm looking forward to see it:D Yet, I'm still on the road.
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Here`s a fragment from a poem that goes very well with your theme :
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference
(Robert Frost - The Road not Taken)
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Inteleg ce zici tu, dar in cazul a ceea ce am scris eu "it's not upon us to choose the less traveled by" pentru ca e doar 1 drum si nu depinde de noi daca e populat sau calatorim singuri. Ideea asupra careia insistam era ca nu ne place singuratatea, e grea, dar trece pentru ca tintim mereu spre ceva si dupa atingerea acelui "ceva" vrem ceva nou si astfel vom fi mereu inarmati cu curiozitatea descoperirii de noi orizonturi:)
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sigur asta e o perspectiva putin diferita...
de acord si cu fuga de singuratate :)
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