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Spring delight


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Spring delight


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Episode 23: Feeling of autumn

Toamna din nou. Natura isi urmeaza cuminte cursul scris candva de Creator desi oamenii s-au schimbat. Inca se schimba si nu vor inceta niciodata sa se metamorfozeze. In fiinte mai bune sau mai rele, mai frumoase sau mai urate, mai spirituale sau mai materialiste. Partea antropica este intr-o continua evolutie, insa porumbeii plapanzi din parc au ramas la fel. Inca se apropie de tine sfiosi si plini de speranta ca ai ceva bun pentru ei. Rasete de adolescenti ce zac la soare pe bancile racite de frigul diminetii... sunete de toc al unei fete cochete ce trece nestingherita prin fata mea... falfait de aripi, zumzet de masini pe strada... bunic

Episodes of your life

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As vrea sa fiu un trandafir

As vrea sa fiu un trandafir, Sa nu ma doara, Sa nu simt, As vrea sa stau si sa privesc, As vrea sa uit. As vrea sa fiu un trandafir, Cu petale albe, delicate, Cu-n zambet bland si diafan. As vrea sa stau si sa privesc, As vrea sa tac. As vrea sa fiu un trandafir, In mijlocul unei multimi, Sa rad, sa zbier si sa ma bucur. As vrea sa stau si sa privesc, As vrea sa vreau. As vrea sa fiu un trandafir, De ploaie atins usor, Fara spini ce pot rani. As vrea sa stau si sa privesc, As vrea ... sa fiu eu insami. 10.05.2007


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Love story

They were in that room ever since that morning. Trying to live in the darkest room ever. No clothes, no food or drinks. Nothing. They didn't even need them. They were together and that was all that mattered. They were hardly waiting for the night to come because they knew they would melt together. Oh, happy day! The smell of the room was awful. You can't even live in there! But this didn't depend on them! It was the Master's room and he decided to put them there… to melt together as soon as the night comes. All they could do was to wait for the magic moment when their passion will change the world, or at least, that room. Smells of roses and

Love story

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Me, myself and I

Expozitie Cluj

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When you close your eyes


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Day 7... Friday

Week Project with Alex

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Mystic lands

Landscapes and waterscapes

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Twilight revival


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Matura cerul...

Lonely trees

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Flowers and plants

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Back to basics


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The soul of the castle


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Of hopes and wishes


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Life is flowing II


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St. Michael: Entrance

St. Michael

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The church from my dreams


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To blossom red


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Stop and stare...

Sunrise and sunset

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Povestea unui film apus III


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Where to?


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Spring devmeet 2012 - mudland


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