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Streets of Rage 4

Glad to be alive to play it.
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Sh0wt1mestudio's avatar

Outstanding art, love this game so much!!

SpaceCadet7211's avatar

I love the art style so much!

SpecialDeliveries's avatar

This game got me through the long lockdown spring... The 26-year wait for this sequel was truly worth it. Great cover art!

Where's Max?

Sh0wt1mestudio's avatar

This was before Mr.X Nightmare

Estelle wasn't playable back when this was drawn, either, and she's there.

outlaw393's avatar

I was shocked by how incredibly sexy Adam is! :)

GABaker-Author's avatar

this is amazing. Really enjoy your style.

dantiscus's avatar
Superb work !!!
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Oh I very much like your art style! Nice drawing here!
DarkerEve's avatar
Awesome composition, this is pretty badass, excellent tribute
AzureVirgo's avatar
Excellent illustration. The game is definitely worth the 20+ year wait.
Gunther-Ray's avatar

I have cussed this game left and right today... but by God, it's good!

Harrkonen's avatar
This game is really freaking great. They did such a good job making it easy to play and hard to master
flavioluccisano's avatar

Sick Composition bro!🙏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🖤

Ediiee's avatar
incrivelmente foda mano como sempre,,,
Kervala's avatar
Stunning illustration, thanks for posting it here too :love: I love Estel too, but also all other female bosses (like Ms. Y :love:) :love:

I finished the game in two player normal mode with my brother (with Blaze and Cherry) and in single player with Axel SoR 1 (normal). I'm trying to finish it with Blaze in Hard mode but it's a lot harder (I'm at stage 9) :love:

The game is so perfect : graphics, musics, gameplay, etc... :love:
Band-of-Cobras's avatar

That’s nothing, you should try on Mania mode, it’s insane. And it will punish you with no mercy.

Kervala's avatar

Yes, we tried Mania mode, we just finished the 1st level :love:

outlaw393's avatar

I like the one with the whip ;)

Kervala's avatar

A friend made a cosplay of her (Nora), she'll certainly post some photos on DA :love: It's @rizzyun :love:

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