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Commission: Chun Li and Alex

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nossa chun li gosta de homem sarado kkk chun li chinesa safadinha kkk bom trabalho mano parabens mesmo ok
Chun Li: "Whoa, Alex! You look way more impressive than ever before! Why haven't I asked you out after all these years?"

Alex: "You've finally noticed me, huh? Took you long enough. What do ya say, we take a trip to my place and I'll host a personal workout session just for you? Sound good, Chunners?"

Chun Li giggles like a schoolgirl as she intimately roams her fingers across Alex's godlike biceps & chiseled torso, excited at the prospect of her... newfound adventure.

Chun Li & Alex: A great crack couple, if I say so myself!
Lozanou's avatar
Daaaaamn! That young Chun Li! Awesome!
Sheenay's avatar
You can touch this ~~ShockedCD
MuscleBoner444's avatar
I am certain he will let her touch and feel all..and I do mean ALL, his muscles!!!!!
rocklee89's avatar
A true masterpiece!

It's pics like these that make me go the extra ten reps at the gym!
Narked's avatar
Chun-Li and Alex would make a good couple!  She loves to workout so theres no doubt in my mind she admires a guys physique!  Good artwork!
I'd like a girl to feel my muscles.  :/
Too bad we can't do it over the internet.  I'd email you a muscle to feel.  :P
AshleyToAshesXOXO's avatar
True... I would do it though. I'd do whatever you want.
ThatOddFace's avatar
Nothing Better For Starting The Day Than A Handsome Long Haired Guy That Is Shirtless <3
geneforson's avatar
haha... He never loses.  Awesome work Danusko :dummy:
Goldeneyes2's avatar
really cute  ^^  ha ha
SubtleRoar's avatar
How convenient; in her taunt towards Thor in MVC3, she says "Tall, blonde and handsome; just my type." 
ChristianDMG's avatar
my boy Alex deserves this heheehe
Grigori77's avatar
His guns, her thighs ... perfect match! :XD:
Kaio-Silva's avatar
Show de bola!! Clap:clap::clap::clap::clap:
Brother-Tico's avatar
My two favorite characters that I like to play in this game besides of Ryu, Ken and others :)
SamuraiShinai's avatar
Love the bare back and her expression !!
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